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Hi I’m Jon Adkin and I’m a hypnotherapist based in Haverhill Suffolk. I specialise in Anxiety and Confidence and in giving you a better quality of life that you deserve.  I have helped many people start a new chapter of their life, just with a change of mind.

Let’s start yours.

Who are you really?
What do you need help with?
How can I help you live the life you deserve?
Explore my web page and discover what I could do for you.


I want to help you. It doesn’t matter if you
think your thing is silly or not worth mentioning.
If it’s affecting your life I will help you.
Imagine your spine like a giant
Jenga tower. Well with your thing or
things a lot of blocks are being pulled
out but not that one that
makes you have that breakdown.
What I can do is push all those
blocks back in. Which makes you stand tall,
which gives you confidence and self belief.


Sometimes you have problems and memories
that haunt you and hurt you so much that you
don’t want to share or even think about.
However it’s those memories, those hurt and
injustices that are holding you back. Between
us we can remove those memories. you can let
go of something that you can no longer
change. Call me if you would like
to know more.

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07740 347767

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Who are my clients?

That’s an easy one. You are!
I have worked with men and women of all ages including children,

What were they seeking help with?

Lots of different issues, Anxiety, Stress, Low self Esteem, lack of confidence which in turn has a lot of knock on effects in their life.

How can I help?

I can help by showing you how to relax and learn to switch off. I help to find balance. I help you become the you that you want to be.



Exciting news. My new book ‘Can I change?’ is out now                                                              A Mum’s guide to control anxiety and gain self confidence. Available in Paperback, Kindle or e-book.

Can I Change? E-Book

Can I change e-book edition


Can I change? Paperback

Can I Change? Kindle version


Arrange your free telephone consultation with me.
I offer a FREE 20-minute telephone consultation. You can ask me anything you want about my therapy. If you’d like that just fill out the form. I will text you personally to arrange a suitable time to discuss. Please make sure you are available to take the call once a time is confirmed.

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