• Do YOU
    Doubt yourself – Hold yourself back – Compare yourself to others
  • Always helping – Never having time for you – Stressed – Trouble sleeping
  • Self Sabotaging or Procrastinating ????
  • Have YOU
    Spent a lifetime saying One Day ?
  • Make a Choice to Change Today
  • Enhance Your Life.

So how can I help you?

Content Free Hypnotherapy

Just one of the many ways I can help you



Change in The Blink Of An Eye

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IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy is effective change work – that works swiftly to de-charge negative memories, reduce negative emotions, post traumatic stress. IEMT tends to work very well for trauma, phobias, anxiety and depression

About Me

Would you like a Free 30 page e-book, to help you find self love in you and your relationship? Email me now at jadkin.bahyp@gmail.com and I will send you a copy.

If you need help talk to me.

We are individuals unique in our own way.
With that in mind the sessions are tailor made to suit your uniqueness and needs.

I offer a free consultation to suggest the therapy that best suits you.


I offer a range of services to get you to where you need to be. Hypnotherapy sessions start from £80.00 per session. However I also offer packages which offer so much more if the problem is deep rooted.

Packages start from just £99.00 and offer both face to face sessions or sessions that you can do in your own time at your own pace.

Life Coach

I will be offer life coaching incorporating NLP and if needed hypnotherapy. Block sessions of either 6, 12 or 18 one to one sessions. Contact me if you would like more details.

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Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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Books available by Jon Can I Change? a book to help you handle your anxiety on a daily basis. 100 days in isolation a fun book for both adults and children showing the funnier side of lockdown.

Are you ready to find out exactly how I can help you? Then send me a text/call me on 07740 347767 email me on jadkin.bahyp@gmail.com

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