Thank you for visiting, As you’re here I take it you are looking for a little help to get back on track. It takes an inner strength to ask for help so well done. I would love to help you. I am a clinical hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner. I specialise in Content Free Therapy, which means you don’t have to discuss and live through all the issues that have put you where you are today.

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Content Free Hypnotherapy.

For Confidence – Self Esteem – Anxiety – And so much more.

What is Content Free Therapy?

This is a very useful technique. In hypnosis, clients are given a great deal of time and space to explore their unconscious. They are then encouraged to resolve inner conflicts and to find more appropriate and adaptive ways to lead their lives. Content free therapy is extremely powerful because it allows clients to control the pace and content of the hypnotherapy.

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Change Work

For Fears – Phobias – Weight Loss – Grief and so much more.

Hypnotherapy with Jon allows you to move on after a experience in you life that you want to let go of. By using different methods and combining Hypnotherapy, IEMT or NLP In just a few sessions you will see and feel the difference.


I offer a range of services to get you to where you need to be. Hypnotherapy sessions start from £75.00 per session. However I also offer packages which offer so much more if the problem is deep rooted.

Packages start from just £99.00 and offer both face to face sessions or sessions that you can do in your own time at your own pace.

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IEMT For PTSD – Grief – Abuse and so much more.

IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy is effective change work – that works swiftly to de-charge negative memories, reduce negative emotions, post traumatic stress. IEMT tends to work very well for trauma, phobias, anxiety and depression

Life Coach

Coming soon. I will be offering life coaching incorporating NLP and if needed hypnotherapy. Block sessions of either 6, 12 or 18 one to one sessions. Contact me if you would like more details.

Points of Interest

Do online Sessions Work?

Hypnotherapy over Zoom are just as powerful as face to face sessions. As long as you can be somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, preferably with headphones and a good internet connection. Then you are good to go.

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Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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Books available by Jon Can I Change? a book to help you handle your anxiety on a daily basis. 100 days in isolation a fun book for both adults and children showing the funnier side of lockdown.