Anxiety. At what cost?

Look at this yet another blog. I’m starting to get the hang of this. Actually it won’t last believe me, but let’s make the most of it while I’m here. How are you? I’m doing fine. I was in Lincoln last weekend meeting up with some of my fellow Blueprint practitioners. We had a lovely day and It was great to meet many for the first time. Not only was it fun it was also very informative. We were all therapists and we all had one aim. To help our clients.

However we all seemed to have the same issue. People don’t spend money on themselves to improve their standard of living. People pay to have their pets groomed, pay to have their car washed, pay big money to have their nails or hair done which will last for a day or two, but they hesitate or say “I will think about it” when it comes to helping themselves deal with the anxiety. For less then the cost of a Spa Day they could rid themselves of the anxiety which holds them back and stops them living the life they want and deserve.

As I said last weekend was all about the Blueprint. It is a fantastic protocol that really works. Have you ever dreamed about resetting your mind so that all the bad stuff from the past can be removed? Not only have I trained in it but I have had it done to me and boy it’s powerful. I have now trained in it as part of my own on going personal development.
What is does is basically reset your mind so that all the junk and bad stuff that you’ve built up over the years is released all the guilts, the injustices, the hurt and so much more. So you can basically start afresh. It is also content free so you don’t have to rake up anything nasty from the past to do it. It’s like an MOT for the mind. You can read more about it here. Blueprint FAQs

SO I know Christmas is coming, but wouldn’t it be the best present ever to give your loved ones back the you that you want to be.

If you would like to know more details or where you can have the Blueprint session, contact me and if your not local to me then I will find one of my fellow practitioners who is local to you. They are a lovely bunch.

Have a great weekend

Best wishes

Name XX

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