I’m Dreaming of Anxiety Free Christmas.

Well I knew it wouldn’t last. I didn’t get round to blogging last week. Did you miss me? Actually did anyone notice? Anyone? Never mind I am back.

This weeks (or months Just in case) blog is all about Anxiety.

Anxiety Definition : a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

a nervous disorder marked by excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behaviour or panic attacks.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you know someone who suffers from anxiety?

Here are just a few of the symptoms of Anxiety.

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder where you regularly have sudden attacks of panic or fear. Anxiety is a feeling of unease. It can range from mild to severe, and can include feelings of worry and fear. The most severe form of anxiety is panic.

You may start to avoid certain situations because you fear they’ll trigger another attack.

This can create a cycle of living “in fear of fear”. It can add to your sense of panic and may cause you to have more attacks.

A panic attack is when your body experiences a rush of intense mental and physical symptoms. It can come on very quickly and for no apparent reason.

A panic attack can be very frightening and distressing.

Symptoms include:

  • a racing heartbeat
  • feeling faint
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • trembling
  • hot flushes
  • chills
  • shaky limbs
  • a choking sensation
  • dizziness
  • numbness or pins and needles
  • dry mouth
  • a need to go to the toilet
  • ringing in your ears
  • a feeling of dread or a fear of dying
  • a churning stomach
  • a tingling sensation in your fingers
  • feeling like you’re not connected to your body

Most panic attacks last for between 5 and 20 minutes. Some panic attacks have been reported to last up to an hour.

The number of attacks you have will depend on how severe your condition is. Some people have attacks once or twice a month, while others have them several times a week.

Although panic attacks are frightening, they’re not dangerous. An attack won’t cause you any physical harm, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be admitted to hospital if you have one.

Be aware that most of these symptoms can also be symptoms of other conditions or problems, so you may not always be experiencing a panic attack.

For example, you may have a racing heartbeat if you have very low blood pressure.

Now I’ve just told you all that but really. you know it. you suffer with it or a friend or family member suffers from it. what you really want to know is


This is where I can help and not just me but any hypnotherapist that specialises in Anxiety..

We can get to the root of your problems and in doing so we can talk to your wonderful subconscious brain, that part of you that wants to keep you safe.

Did you know your subconscious brain holds on to everything that you have ever, seen, touched, smelt, experienced.  and among the memories is the root of your anxiety.

We as hypnotherapists can help you remove that memory. We can help you control your thought’s and in turn live a happier more fulfilling life.


Remove that block before you tumble. Just like a Jenga tower. the more that block is slid out the less stable you become. Let me or one of my wonderful colleagues push those blocks back in and make you feel tall.

It’s not brainwashing, it’s just us giving you the positive suggestions, enabling you to go forward but in control of you.

Many thanks for reading. I will see you soon.

Name XX

PS. Don’t leave it till the New Year to get yourself sorted. Do it now feel the benefits over this Christmas. It is possible. One less gift is all it will take.

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