Pursue your Dreams

It’s funny isn’t it. As children we dream big. We want to be spacemen, Football players, Artists, Dancers, We want to be whatever our passion is. sadly as we grow older the drive, the desire is knocked out of us or leaves us.

Others don’t mean to destroy our dreams, you don’t even mean to do it, it just happens.  You either feel you are not good enough, or your told you will never be good enough. Our peers shatter our dreams or our elders tell us to grow up and then you have to conform.

We listen to others too much. at some point in our lives we stop listening to ourselves.

I was very lucky I had parents that believed in me and allowed me to pursue my dreams. I was a drummer. I wanted nothing more than to appear on the stage, and for many years that happened. I loved every moment of it. However my dreams were shattered when I suffered a series of shoulder operations which put pay to my drumming career.


It put pay to my drumming career but it didn’t stop me dreaming. Yes I got a regular job (actually had a few as I still wanted that dream) but it didn’t stop me doing what I loved which was entertaining. I like to make people smile, laugh and be happy. So even in my regular job If I had the chance to dress up (you should see the pictures), I was there. If I had the chance to host a quiz, I was there mic in hand.  I never gave up.

Today I’m building up a hypnotherapy business, I’m helping others turn their life around and in turn making them happy. I offer free consultations where we chat and inevitably we have a laugh. No I’m not up on stage but I’m living the dream.  I could have taken the route of a stage hypnotist but I decided not too. The pleasure I get from helping people of all ages from all walks of life. is giving me quality of life, knowing that I’m helping others.

This Friday is black Friday but I’m going one better. I’m having a Freebie Friday. I’m giving away free of charge my 20 minute motivational sound file. ‘Pursue your Dreams’

It’s not a hypnotic recording. It’s an inspirational sound file just to remind you that it’s never to late to follow your dreams.

If you would like to receive this sound file Please email me your email address at jadkin.bahyp@gmail.com Many thanks.

I’m doing it, so join me on my journey.

Have a lovely week.

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