Blue Monday?


Welcome back or just welcome if you have never been here before.January is nearly done, well done, you survived another month. This blog I want to look at all these new days and specials etc that we seem to be getting, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc etc. The latest one was January 21st this year known as Blue Monday. What’s that all about?

Well according to the media. Blue Monday is a day on which we feel gloomy or dispirited, especially as we have to return to work after the weekend. This particular Monday is towards the end of January which is meant to be the most depressing day as credit cards bills come in, and the bank balance is low, so we feel pretty low, even depressed.

What a load of rubbish! Sorry but Monday 21st is no different to Tuesday 22nd or even Monday 14th. Why should we feel low or depressed just because the media tells us. How many of you woke up on Blue Monday and felt great, you was happy and smiling you didn’t care what day it was, you felt great. Then you got to work and your friends were talking about Blue Monday, and how you should feel blue, miserable even depressed.

Guess what. As soon as they started telling you that you should feel grumpy, your good mood when right out of the window. Be honest how many of you did that?

If you’ve ever sulked through the day just waiting for it to be over, only for someone to walk up and comment on your bleak mood with a “Wow, someone’s in a bad mood,” it can pull you even deeper into dreariness. Weirder yet is the fact that you can be in an actually okay mood, but being accused of being in a bad mood will immediately ruin it.

Listen, we’re not in a bad mood, we’re fine. Okay?


In a sense, since being outwardly upset is out of the ordinary in our society — especially for adults — someone pointing out you’re in a bad mood can make you feel like a child. In the adult world, your slight grimace and short answers are the grown-up equivalent of kicking and writhing around on the floor. You can’t control your emotions, you child. This shame compounds your bad mood, and now everything is terrible.

So what’s the answer?  Be upfront and honest with yourself about your mood,  Much like accurately identifying what you’re angry at, acknowledging your rotten mood and giving yourself permission to feel that way can be helpful. “Acceptance starts with you,”  “If someone asks and you don’t want to talk about it, you can just say, ‘Yes, but I’ll be okay. What’s up?’ Or, ‘Yes but don’t worry, it’s not about you.’


The question can also hold a magnifying glass up to some of the darker insecurities you might have been ignoring. Human beings interpret each other’s facial expressions, body language, tone, eye contact and other senses, unconsciously or otherwise,  In some cases, an individual might read into the unspoken signals that the other may be feeling, but not expressing directly.”

In other words, in your mind, you’re just going about your day, but on the outside, you’re slouching, staring forlornly out a rainy window and sighing on every third breath. When another person senses this, for better or worse, they’ll ask you about it.

It’s like being on a walk and someone pointing out how hot it is. Oh God, it’s so hot, you suddenly realise, I’m on fire. This is the worst day of my life. The same goes for someone pointing out your bad mood: It makes you question your current status in life, which leads to all those Sunday night questions: Why am I in such a bad mood? Do I hate my job? What am I actually doing with my life? 

The answer.  You should take note of how you respond to this question. If you get defensive, it may indicate that the person is accurately picking up vibes you’re not even conscious of. The next time you hear that comment, take a step back and observe how you’re feeling, and what you might be communicating, Yes, the question was annoying, but before you lash out, realise that it’s probably a good thing to acknowledge what you’re feeling, and to work to resolve what’s making you feel that way.

Until society acknowledges that being in a bad mood is normal, and that you don’t have to be radiating sunshine at all times, it’s best to acknowledge and accept your bad mood at the individual level.

Only when you know that you’re in a bad mood — and accept that you’re in a bad mood — will you be able to answer the “Are you in a bad mood?” question without dragging yourself deeper into the abyss: “Yeah, the f@*$ing  neighbours played until loud music till 3 a.m. last night, so I didn’t get any f@*$ing sleep. But I’ll come around.”

See? Isn’t it much better when you can express yourself like a grownup?

Be you. Don’t be told how to feel or change your mood to please others.

Have a great day ( if you want to of course )

Best wishes.


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