What you got planned?


Well that was a quick month, or is it just me. January lasted 3 months, February lasted a couple of weeks. Well that’s how it feels.  Anyway I digress (posh word for me) What have you got planned for March, anything exciting ?

I am launching a new confidence and Self Esteem package. It’s something I’ve been putting together for a while now and at last I now feel it’s ready to let loose on you.

I have called it I believe in Me. because I know that by the end of the sessions you will be full of self belief and confidence. Here are some more details.

I believe in me.

A 3 session Confidence and Self Esteem package £199

A 3 Session Package which not only includes confidence and Self Esteem hypnotherapy sessions but also PDFs to back up our sessions together along with a 12 month Peace of Mind contact agreement where you as my client can contact me should you ever feel that you are slipping back to that dark place, and we work together to get you back to where you want to be.


Also in March I aim to give confidence tips on my Facebook page and here in my blog. I am a great believer in if you feel confident you can handle most situations that you come up against.

One tip I will share with you now is to think well of yourself. We all make mistakes and we all feel that perhaps we didn’t do well enough. However what we tend to forget is all the good things we have done, how we have helped others, how we made others smile or feel happy. If you take a moment and just recall just some of the good things that you have achieved, it will make you feel better about yourself.

Fall a little more in love with your life today.

Often times we aren’t confident because we aren’t in love with the lives that we are living. We’re in jobs we don’t love, relationships that aren’t great, and doing too much for others. We aren’t proud of ourselves. Do one thing that you’re really proud of yourself for today. Book a massage, say no to something you truly don’t want to do, block off an hour of “you” time.

Unplug yourself from your phone do it everyday for at least an hour. then slowly increase the time. It feels quite liberating


So that’s my plans, oh and I need new glasses and I really don’t know what type to get. I go into the opticians try on various styles then realise that because I’ve taken off my glasses I actually can’t see clearly what the new ones look like, and no I’m not gonna stand there and take a selfie 🙂

I wish you all the very best and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Enjoy the last few days of February and I will see you in March.

Take care.


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