Let me tell you a story.

Hi welcome back to my weekly blog. yep I’ve been a good boy and been writing weekly for some time now, but like sky TV it’s ok you can read on catch up.

This week I want to tell you a story. Now this is a client’s story but she wants me to share it with you. Of course no names or personal details will be used but her story will be true and honest, but lets see if it has a happy ending.

Now when clients ring me they have usually be following me on Facebook for a while, liking posts or making the odd comment and when they feel ready they contact me. Last week was a little different I received a frantic phone call from a lady, She had seen my ads but in her words had never paid much attention to them until last Wednesday. Last Wednesday I run an ad about being stuck in again, when the sun is shining because you didn’t feel like facing the world. She told me that as she was scrolling through her Facebook then it was as if that ad hit her like a sledgehammer.

“My God that’s me” She knew she had a problem but she wasn’t really sure what was wrong. She then liked my page and she looked back over past ads and posts and she realised that I was talking about her. We ll not her specifically but how she was feeling.

Now instead of following me for a few more weeks or even months in some cases (you know when the time is right) She rang me straight away. The reason the call was frantic was because on Saturday 23rd March she had to take her children and a friends child to a concert. She didn’t want to go, the very thought of it scared her and even made her feel sick. So much so that she was prepared to fake an illness to get out of going.  This lovely lady was desperate. She didn’t want to let her children and their friend down but she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t go, it wasn’t possible. or so she thought.

Now usually I offer a free consultation and I would make notes, and from those notes I plan hypnotherapy sessions for the client over the coming weeks, but it was Wednesday evening and the concert was on Saturday. and my client who was now a blubbering wreck (her words not mine ) in my hypnotherapy room  needed help now!

So within 2 hours of her initial call my client was now getting comfortable on my very nice reclining chair ready to be hypnotised to give her the confidence and the self belief to be able to go to the concert.

I will be back after this break…

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So where was I? Oh yes.

Now for me this was a little odd because really my client didn’t want to go to the concert. she wasn’t looking to be miraculously cured as she didn’t really know what was wrong. So do I give her suggestions to be strong and say to the daughter that she didn’t want to go or do I try to give her the confidence to go to the concert. Tricky one.

On further conversation I discovered she liked the artist who was performing and use to go to concerts years ago. It was just the thought of taking her girls and their friend and being responsible for them.

I knew what to do.

As a hypnotherapist I have a tool box, not a literal tool box, just scripts or protocols that I can use to help clients.

That day I chose the Blueprint a content free hypnotherapy protocol. Being content free the client makes all the choices. She would know what she needs to let go of, or think differently about. She would be able to picture herself doing whatever she decided to do.

When I run ads for this I advertise it as a spa day for the mind. Every client I have used this on have seen so much improvement in their lives.

An hour later my client is back to full consciousness and is no longer a blubbering wreck. She can’t believe what she let go of and how she didn’t expect to see the things she saw.

I received a call Saturday night which hung up as soon as I spoke, Oh dear, that’s not a good sign. I received another call from the same number on Sunday morning. It was my client.

She apologised for hanging up on me. The reason she hung up was that it was just too noisy at the concert. Yes she went and not only did she go she ended up dancing in the aisles.

The reason for this story is just to say. you may know something is wrong, or holding you back but your not sure what. Well you may not know but you deeper sub conscious mind will know. So don’t think oh it’s just silly or it will go away on its own. Sometimes we need a bit of help, and help is out there.

It’s never to late to change.

Have a great week

Jon xx

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