I have a question!


Welcome to April. Did anyone get fooled? (or are we just allowing the government to do all of us at the same time?) It’s amazing how much better we feel when the sun is shining and the days are longer. So what’s happening with me? Well last week I had an impromptu open morning with a Q and A session. I had a couple of rescheduled appointments so I thought I would open the doors. I also opened the questions to my Facebook page  Allowing anyone who had any questions to get in touch.

I had biscuits, I made coffee and people came, which I was surprised at to be honest as I only decided to do it Monday night and the open morning was Wednesday. Some past clients came and bought friends. Some new faces popped in oh and best of all the window cleaner turned up with his massively long pole (keep it clean ladies) and decided to clean the windows so suddenly, as we was in the conservatory it suddenly sounded like the heavens had opened and going out of the front door was like walking through Niagara Falls. “More coffee anyone” It wasn’t a ploy to keep them longer, I promise.

Anyway. It always surprises me the questions that people ask, but it’s good that they ask because if you don’t ask the answer is always no. I have a FAQs page on my website. and also a working with me page, which answers a lot of the usual questions. However there are always questions that people want to ask but they feel to silly. Can I say no question is too silly. If you are brave enough to ask I salute you.

What I would like to share with you is some of the more unusual questions that came up, like.

Q. Can You hypnotise my boyfriend into seeing me thin (like in shallow Hal)?

A. No sadly not,

Q. Can you make me forgot the past?

A. I can’t make you forget the past but I can change how you think about it and how it effects you putting you back in control of your thoughts.

Q. Can you make me a better golfer?

A. Actually yes. I can help you become more focused and to visualise.

Q. I have a very odd phobia. Can you help me get over it?

A. Yes. Fears and phobias are thoughts. I can flip those thoughts so that you don’t associate a negative feeling with that ‘thing’.

Q. Can you help me get over a bad relationship.

A. Yes I can. It doesn’t matter what went wrong or what happened within the relationship. I can help you move on, feel good about yourself and live the life you deserve.

I received lots of different questions across the day, which was good. Never be afraid to ask. What you may think is a silly question really could be meaningful for someone else. Also don’t feel you have to wait for a Q and A session. If you have a question, message me and I will get back to you. I won’t always be able to help. However if I can’t help I am sure I will know someone who will be able to help you. I am now a part of We Are Thrive  a community organisation launched in 2018. ​ ​Based in Saffron Walden, who have both the qualifications and experience of the mental health and wellbeing sector, having worked amongst the community for many years​.  Our aim as a group is to offer a wide range of affordable and accessible wellbeing services that encompass mentoring, counselling, training and workshops to help you address any mental health issues, such as those we are all faced with today. From the young to the old, our organisation offers access to a multitude of highly qualified professionals that are both easily accessible and affordable too.

I hope you have a good week. Don’t forget my door is always open. If you have a question, or want a chat message me or call me.

Best Wishes

Jon XX

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