Do you need an upgrade?

Hi, welcome back.

This week I want to blog about upgrading and rebooting. How often are we asked to upgrade our Phone, or tablet, and computer. Nowadays we live in a world that we have to constantly update the intelligent things around us. However the one thing that we do not upgrade is ourselves.

Think about it, when our computers upgrade the software, the first thing they ask us is do we want to delete orphaned or unused files. We are asked, do we want to remove unused programs, would we like to store duplicate files.

Now of course, we tend to do what the computer asks us, as we feel sure that it knows best. What happens when you don’t update or reboot your computer? Well, the first thing you will notice is that it starts to slow down, it takes ages for it too start up properly, it seems to take an age to search for either a piece of software that you know he’s on the computer, or perhaps a file or picture, that you know is there but it is taking a long time to find it. Another thing you may notice is that when you have a few programs open, the computer really struggles completing the jobs that you asking it to do.

How about our phones and tablets. So often now we get told there is a new update, and what do we do, we updated it. Not even questioning why we need to update it. The Phone or tablet was working fine, you didn’t see any need for updating, but the makers of the Phone or tablet Want you to update so that their product is working at the best for you.

So why am I talking about updating a Phone or a computer? I’m talking about this because we don’t update or reboot the most important thing to us. Our mind.

Let’s reboot.

Think about what I’ve just said above, if you are 18, 32, 47 or 55 that is how old your software is, don’t get me wrong it’s a brilliant piece of software. It knows everything that you have ever seen smelt or touched. It keeps a record of every person you have ever met, every place you have ever been, Every word you’ve ever heard. However it also keeps record of every mistake you’ve ever made, every put down you have ever heard, every injustice you have had to suffer.    

Now, contrary to belief no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and the best we can do is learn from them and move on from them, but the put downs any injustices tend to stay with us and in the worst case scenario we start to believe them. So with all that going on in our head it’s no wonder that just like our computers we start to slow down, we find it harder to multifunction, we can’t recall someone’s name perhaps as quick as we used to be able to. So like our electronic gadgets we need to update and reboot.

Just like a software update, we need to delete some old files, we need to File away those old injustices, put downs, guilts, hurts and anything else that you no longer need. We can do this, we can’t erase the past not that we would want to, but we can change our thinking, we can change the way we allow a past memory to affect us.  

When we born we didn’t have fears or anxieties, we didn’t have the weight of the world on our shoulders. We have learnt those behaviours, and if we have leant them we can unlearn them.

We all have and need a level of stress inside us, that is perfectly normal. However once that level is exceeded, and that happens very quickly, our mind starts to work overtime and never really settles down, which causes us to worry unnecessarily or over think situations that we have no control over.

It’s our thoughts that are letting us down, and we can’t have an emotion without having a thought first, and so the circle begins, and slowly but surely our mind fills up with a load of information that  we no longer need.

So what can we do? Well we can’t change the past we know that. What we can do is learn from the mistakes that were our fault, If the mistakes were not our fault we stop worrying as we have no control over them. If you were put down or made to not feel good enough. STOP! Think about today, the here and now. You’re here, you survived and you’re doing ok. What’s past is past. We can’t change it, so we learn from it and we make the most of what we have.

Coming Soon

Some people need help to move on from the past, that is why from the 1st of March I’m offering a new package. Update & Reboot 2020. An affordable way to rewire your brain. A way you can file away or delete all those unused memories. Clear a load of those learnt behaviours that no longer serve you, such as fears, phobias, hurts, griefs etc etc.

How does it work? I’m a hypnotherapist and by letting your subconscious know that you want to move on, you no longer what to hold on to those feelings, your subconscious will, with your help let those feelings go. Your subconscious knows what you need to let go of to make those changes that you want. So all you have to do is relax and let your body and your mind do the rest.

I’m excited with this new package. I’ve been trialling it now for a while and the results have been fantastic.  So now it’s time to make it available to you. If you are ready for an update and a reboot message me. I would love to help. It launches the 1st March and my website from next week will have all the final details.

I look forward to hearing and hopefully working with you.

Until next week.

Have a great week.

Jon X

Hypnotherapy in Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge.

Jon Adkin Author of ‘Can I Change?’ Available from Amazon.

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