This is me.

A bit about me

I was born in 1962 in Gloucestershire and adopted at 18 months old. I grew up in London. As a qualified hypnotherapist I am able to help people overcome so many issues that can affect so many in today’s world. I love to help and pass on my positive attitude. I became interested in hypnotherapy after suffering a lot of poor health in my 30’s, I lost all my confidence and self esteem. I needed to turn it around and I used hypnotherapy. It worked, in fact it got me to a better place than I was before my illnesses. So years later I trained in hypnotherapy and after running a successful part time hypnotherapy practise I decided to go full time. I trained with and am a member of The British Association of Hypnotherapy. I have just become a Master Hypnotherapist dealing with age regression.

The pleasure I get from helping clients is immeasurable. Helping people to live the life that they deserve to live, achieving their goals and just changing their life for the better.
I accept that a lot of people are sceptical about hypnotherapy and its effectiveness. As a consequence, and in order to make the benefits of hypnotherapy more accessible, I offer a free initial consultation, during which we can discuss any issues you feel you need a little help with, and you can ask me anything you want about what to expect in the session. The initial consultation is completely free of charge and, as with all our interactions, will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. In essence you have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially so very much to gain.

My Consultation Room

Based in Haverhill Suffolk right on the borders of Essex and Cambridge. I have two rooms, a consultation room and a practice room which is peaceful and so relaxing.

Practice room
My Qualifications

Alongside hypnotherapy I love to paint. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques. I have a naturally creative mind and inspirations for my art comes from many different avenues, from stunning landscapes and rolling seas, to a moving piece of music. I love playing around with colour in my work from calming pastels to vivid sunset creations. Working mainly in acrylics I sometimes use an alternative media.

My Art
My Art
My Art

And I’ve written a few books.

A Series of 6 Children’s Book Available from Amazon
A book to help you understand and cope with anxiety.
A fun book full of pictures and gags to show how I coped with lockdown.

What People Say

Jon is a lovely caring man. He put me at ease so quick.

A Frazzled Mum

As soon as I had my consultation with Jon, he made me realise I wasn’t going mad.


Jon’s caring nature and his understanding was so refreshing.


Let’s work together and get you to where you want to be.

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