Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Package. 

All in good Thyme.  A Hypnotherapy aid to help you lose weight and to think differently about yourself.

A 4 Session Package which not only includes Weight loss and motivation hypnotherapy sessions but also PDFs to back up our sessions together along with a 12 month Peace of Mind contact agreement where you as my client can contact me should you ever feel that you are slipping back to that dark place, and we work together to get you back to where you want to be. 


The All in good Thyme is a 12 week 4 module weight loss package which can be done either at home or  as a one to one or at my practise in Haverhill. The package consists of 4 Hypnotherapy sound files, a workbook for each module (PDF)  a private Facebook group which you will be invited to  and a 12 month access to me. So that if you are failing to reach your goals or just struggling  generally you have the reassurance that I’m only a call/message away.

So how does it work.

Module 1 Goal Setting—if you can imagine it, you can achieve it!  + Hypnotherapy Sound File 1

Module 2 Change your food story—We are not born overweight or with an addiction to sugar, biscuits, crisps, bread, chocolate or anything else for that matter. We actually learn those things over time; either by watching others or listening to what they tell us. We listen, copy, learn. We pick up so much, even without realising it.  + Hypnotherapy Sound File 2

Module 3 The Power of your Words— This week is all about your words. Once you change the way you think and speak you will notice positive changes in all areas of your life.  + Hypnotherapy Sound File 3

Module 4  Powerpoint presentation— Unleash you awesomeness + Hypnotherapy Sound File 4

Plus there will be bonuses on the way.

This programme works as a stand alone or along side other diet programmes.

All in Good Thyme 
Recent results

JK loss 12lbs in 14 days.

KS loss 1st 4lbs in 30 days

RC loss 13lbs in 3 weeks.

NM loss 6 lbs in 4 weeks.

The results are up to you.


I look forward to working with you on this journey.

Virtual Gastric Band also available Contact me for more details.

Hello Jon I hope you and your family are ok in this situation we all find ourselves in presently. Seen as I have had some time on my hands I’ve been reflecting over this past year and I thought it would be nice to share with you the impact that our sessions has had on my life. I believe it was July the 3rd 2019 when I came for my first session with you. At the time I was the most unhealthiest I could possibly be. All 25st of me was fed up with the daily grind of moving such mass, I was desperate to lose weight but also I was at a loss with how to stop my self destructive drinking habit of around 100 units a week. Roll on to today- I have lost 6st, I have been alcohol free since July 3rd I still don’t use salt and my confidence and zest for life is as good as it once was when I was a child. Keep well and I look forward to a session when all the world is back to normal again Take care

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