Anxiety Freedom System

The Anxiety System not only for Anxiety. But Panic Attacks, Stress, Phobias and releasing the burdens of the past.

A single payment of £99.00 could end up buying you a freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

Please read on for more information.

Jon Adkin BAHyp A qualified hypnotherapist based in Haverhill Suffolk. Jon has a practise and offers one to one and online sessions, specialising in Content Free Hypnotherapy.

Hi I’m Jon Adkin Hypnotherapist.

I would like to introduce you to my Anxiety Freedom System.

A system that gives you Unlimited access, in your space at your own pace to The Anxiety Freedom System.

If you follow all the steps and give it your undivided attention you will overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks and the many physical sensations and swirling thoughts.

NEWS JUST IN… I HAVE LOVELY CLIENTS WHO HAVE BEEN USING THIS SYSTEM FOR ME.AND THIS WAS IN MY WHATS APP YESTERDAY. “Morning, I woke up early and listened to the morning session and the self talk. I’m feeling good. They are both fantastic.”

12 Informative and important videos
An e-book to help you understand your anxiety.
7 Individual guided hypnotherapy sessions.
Online access to Jon throughout the program and beyond.

The Anxiety Freedom System

What can you expect.

The Anxiety Freedom System is all I do in the Therapy Room with my clients. I won’t bog you down with how it all works. It’s about effective treatment which handsomely exploits the Mind-Body connection.

Along side the Hypnosis sessions I use Cognitive Reprogramming. It shows how the majority of Anxiety work can be done without hypnosis but also in conjunction with it – and provides a rounded remedy.

You will have a lot to go through, but take it in order, you can always recap. I’ve kept it simple, because it is.

Lose that Anxiety
The Freedom System is broken down in to 3 modules. but you will feel the difference straight away. So think in just 3 weeks from when you start the Freedom System you could be free from anxiety.

What would that mean to you?

With the Anxiety Freedom System I’m offering you an affordable way out of Lockdown

I appreciate that finances may be a little hard at the moment, and what with the children at home, you can’t get out like you use to. I have taken all that into consideration and working with Matt Gilbert a highly respected Hypnotherapist up in Lincoln. The Anxiety Freedom System was born.

How it works.

Once you have purchased the system, you will be invited to a private group where you will have access to all the videos, the guided sessions the e-book and me. You can watch the videos on the group page, and download the sound files to your phone or tablet to listen to when it suits you.

Before you buy I want you to realise that for this to work, you need to commit.

No cherry picking the bits that suit you, no jumping in and out of it, For the Anxiety Freedom System to work you have to give it your undivided attention. It’s not for ever, but if you do it properly, you could be free from anxiety forever.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

So what’s the cost and how do I buy?

The anxiety Freedom System gives you

7 individual guided sessions
12 informative and important videos
1 e-book for you to keep.

If you were to come to my practise for this system it would cost you well in excess of £800. However, as I said I am more than aware of the current situation and I want to give everyone a chance of feeling better, feeling their old selves, losing that anxiety and stress and ready to face the world again. So my introductory offer, let’s call it my lockdown lunacy is one payment of £99.00. That’s it just one payment for the whole system.

One single payment of £99.00

Introductory price Lockdown Lunacy

Now I’m not sure how long I will keep it at this price. The lunacy may wear off. So if you think that this is the system. click the buy now below and you will be ready to go on the 1st of July.

Pay by any Debit or Credit Card via the link below.

Anxiety Freedom System

Upon payment being received you will receive an email with your unique Password and then you will be able to log in and start the AFS.


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