Age is Just a Number

September Blog in Audio Format

Welcome to September. The month of my 60th Birthday. Am I depressed about getting old? No!

Yep, I’m 60 this month

Does it worry me how quickly time is passing? No. Am I enjoying my life? Yes, well most of it. Age is just a number. It’s how you approach the situations your mindset that determines the outcome. I work with many different ages and I have been surprised over the years how they have let their weight ( A Number) Their age ( A number) define them. Age is really only a number, your weight is just a number, that’s all. It has no limitations! The only limitations are the ones you set for yourself.

Age is just a number, to which many have attached great significance. Somehow, it’s given more meaning than it should. And, why not, the world around us, with its prevailing cultural beliefs and social norms, reinforces this harmful thinking. Every day, even down to the language we are exposed to it. From headlines that include words like the elderly or senior when referring to older people to the very definition of aging. It feels as if we are subliminally taught that aging is somehow negative. It’s something to be endured or something that makes us less capable. So, what can you do? Don’t buy the mindset in the first place.

Change Your Mindset

From the moment we are born, we begin to age. It’s inevitable. But, reaching a certain age doesn’t mean you become invisible. While we can’t stop the aging process, we can influence how well we age. Sure, chronologically speaking, age is just a number, and that you cannot change. But, what you can change is your mindset.

“You’re only as old as you feel.” As sentiments go, this one has its flaws, as if feeling old is your fault. However, as it turns out, whoever coined this term may have actually been onto something! The point is, age is subjective! A positive attitude and a healthy active lifestyle can keep you young!

The Optimism Effect

Age is really only a number, that’s all. It has no limitations! The only limitations are the ones you set for yourself. It’s like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Those who are fearless, never grow old.

Those who dare to become their truest version will find a deeper purpose in life. And, when life has a purpose, time has no boundaries. When time has no boundaries, age really is just a number!

Don’t let it define you

Redefine Aging

In a world that often defines and limits people by age, when you believe anything is possible at any time, there is nothing that can stop you… not even your age. It’s never to late.

What do you want to do with the next part of your life? Do you want to focus on your development? Start a new business or career? Improve your health and well-being, or volunteer? No matter what it is, you choose to do, don’t let your age stop you.

How old do you feel? When asked that question, most of us tend to give a number which is a good few years younger than our actual age. I certainly feel younger than my chronological age says I am, and I’m sure you do too. After all, ‘you’re only as old as you feel’, right?

It’s interesting that when we are thinking about ourselves, age becomes just a number and feels somewhat meaningless. However, the positive way we tend to see our own age, doesn’t always translate to how we perceive, or even judge the age of others. We’re all guilty of it. I’m sure at some point, you’ve unwittingly, and with the best of intentions, said gushingly to an older relative or friend, “you look great for your age” or, at work, perhaps have automatically assumed your ‘older colleague’ won’t know how to use the latest technology – all because their chronological age is numerically higher than your own. Somehow, they are ‘old’, while you assume you are ‘young’. How come?

The world around us, with its prevailing cultural beliefs and social norms, reinforces this harmful thinking every day – even down to the language we’re continuously exposed to. For instance, in the UK, at the young age of 60, you can apply for an ‘older persons’ bus pass – that’s actually what it’s called, and I am eligible for one very very soon, even though I do not regard myself as an ‘older person’! While enjoying your morning coffee, leafing through your newspaper (or scrolling online), you’ll probably be confronted with an array of attention-grabbing headlines including the words ‘pensioner’, ‘elderly’ or ‘senior’ when referring to older people. It feels as if we are subliminally taught that ageing is somehow negative, something to be endured, something that makes us less capable – both in our personal and our working lives.

Do you think old?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) as soon as 2050, the world’s population aged 60 years and older is expected to double to two billion. Given the world is getting older, it’s about time we start to tackle the underlying ageism that is so prevalent in our society and, thus, in many of our workplaces. After all, whether we like it or not, we are all growing older as each day passes – there’s no getting away from that. So, if we don’t start to make a change now, in 30 years’ time, our children and grandchildren will have to endure the same ageist attitudes that we are facing today.

So, can we do it? Well, think of all the commendable strides we’ve made towards challenging biases around gender, race and socioeconomic status over the last decades. While more needs to be done in these areas, it’s hard to deny that we’ve come a long way. It’s time we started seeing ageism as the issue that it is. After all, if we really want to make the world in which we live and work in as inclusive as it can be, we need to change the narrative and embrace the views, skills and perspectives of all the voices around us – regardless of whether they sound different, or how many years they’ve been around for.

Are we unknowingly sitting on a ‘demographic time bomb’?

I’m sure many of you will be dismayed (and quite rightly so) that the WHO classifies an ‘older or elderly person’ as 65 or older. Most of my friends, family and colleagues, whom, according to WHO, are ‘older or elderly’, are living healthy and fulfilled lives, inside and outside of work. Yes, that’s right, most are still working in some capacity.

In fact, just over a year ago, I read a piece in the paper, suggesting that retirement could soon be a thing of the past. Why? Simply put, there is a seismic demographical shift going on in front of our eyes as we are all living healthier, longer lives. We will have far more time than any other previous generation before us to do the things that fulfil us, both inside and outside of work.

But, if our negative attitudes towards getting older persist, we risk seeing this extra healthy and productive time, time that we all have ahead of us, as a negative, not the positive that it is. It’s time therefore to better realise that age is just a number and not a definition, and proactively challenge the biases around age that we all have buzzing around in our heads.

Enjoy your life whatever age you are.

I am going to continue this next month when I will be 60. I will see you then but will it be with my pipe and slippers or will it be with a new sense of excitement toward the future. Join me and you will see for yourselves.

Until next month

Stay safe, Stay Healthy

Jon X

Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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I have a solution If you have a problem

August Blog In Audio Form

In the UK the economic climate is really hitting hard. What with fuel prices rising on what seems like a daily basis and gas and electricity costs soaring to unprecedented levels I want to do something that will help people who are feeling the pinch but also those that are perhaps to shy to come to me or prefer to work at their own pace in their own home.  That’s why I have opened an online shop.

Where can I find this shop, I hear you shout…Well someone may have asked. You can find it at This was launched last month and I will build up the packages over the coming months. I started with the main issues that I deal with here at my hypnotherapy practise. Lack of confidence and self-esteem, (Believe in You).  Weight loss and relationships with food, (Oi Fat Off). Anxiety. (Anxiety Freedom System) and a self hypnosis package to give you an instant lift when needed. (Update & Reboot online).

By offering these programs online the clients get a chance to seek the help they want and need but without the cost of fuel to attend in person. I know I offer zoom sessions now but these packages are really for people who want to deal with their own issues at there pace. Plus the packages all include over and above what they would get for their money if they were to attend. Videos, Sound files and e-books are all included and available from a secure site. So no printing costs either.  I have always tried to put my clients first and think of their needs and I feel that in all of these packages I have been able to do that.

Believe In You For Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

Believe in You

An online Hypnotherapy package for confidence and self-esteem

4 Session Package aimed at men and women to help them find that confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. This is an online package that you can do in your own time at your own pace. With 4 Hypnotherapy Sound Files, a supportive workbook, 2 E-Books and 4 videos.

PLUS Bonuses of Copping strategies and feel good anchors.

Update and Reboot Online.

A 5 lesson Self Hypnosis program backed up with an E-Guide video and audio files giving you the tools to get an instant boost of confidence, calm, self-worth or whatever it is that you need at that time.

Oi Fat Off Weight Loss and relationship with Food Program

Oi Fat Off Online Weight Loss Program

Oi Fat Off. My weight loss program that will help you change your relationship with food. This package is a combination of Light Hypnosis, Mindset and Motivation. Done online in the privacy of your own space at your own pace.

Anxiety Freedom System.

A system that gives you Unlimited access, in your space at your own pace to The Anxiety Freedom System. If you follow all the steps and give it your undivided attention you will overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks and the many physical sensations and swirling thoughts.

All of the above are available for purchase and instant access at

Zoom opened up many more avenues for therapists which has been great but even remotely some people feel that lack of confidence or shyness rise in them. And as any therapist knows we don’t want our clients to be on a heighten alert. We want them to feel comfortable and in control which for some is following advice but at their level.

So what can you expect to see in the future? Well That’s what I would like to ask you. I would like your feedback as to what you may like. I know the usual fears and phobias can be done. Flying, heights, spiders, snakes etc but is there something that you would like to have available online that you can access at any time.

What would you like help with?

Sorry I didn’t mean this blog to become an advert for my online shop. That was never the intention. But I do want to get the word out there because mental health issues all over the world are quickly getting out of hand and I know that what I offer is not for everyone but I want people to know that help is available either face to face, via zoom and now online from me via my shop.

No waiting lists, no months, and months of talking over the same issues. In most cases a good Content Free Hypnotherapist can get you to where you want to be in just 3 or 4 sessions (depending on how deep rooted the issue is)

I’m one of the lucky ones and I have still been seeing clients through this economic climate both face to face and Zoom but I know for a fact there are still a lot of people out there that put themselves 2nd or 3rd before they pay for help. I still find it crazy that as soon as they are due a phone upgrade that will cost them £100s if not £1000s over the period of the contract. Yet the old one was doing fine. Or they pay a fortune for hair and nails to make themselves feel good. I suppose I get that but it’s a very temporary fix and you are still only feeling good on the outside. It’s the inside that you need to feel better because once you feel better on the inside everything else starts to fall into place.

As I say in my Motivational  TikToks It all starts with you. Think about it. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you?  Have you ever stepped back and looked at the bigger picture. Let’s say you were going for an interview for a job or a promotion. Take a look at yourself a really hard look an ask yourself would you employ or promote you? And be honest with you. Your moods, your temperament, your frustrations etc is like an energy and it is picked up and absorbed so quickly by those around you. How many times have you said about your own kids “They are so like me” or “You take after your Father/Mother” you didn’t show them what to do they absorbed it from being with you. So remember. It all starts with you. Fix yourself and it starts to fix everything around you.

Until next month. Have a safe and healthy August

Take care.

Jon X

Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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July’s Blog In Audio Form

To begin, take some time to write down what you know you are good at. Do not limit yourself to professional skills and don’t put any judgments on your list by labeling things as small or not that important. Write everything you are good at from parallel parking to pushups to making the world’s best pumpkin pie. Say them out loud to yourself. Share them on your social media. Use them to introduce yourself during the next icebreaker. Get in the habit of acknowledging and appreciating your gifts, skills and talents and sharing the news with others. Don’t minimize your gifts and accomplishments. Share them with the world proudly and often. Challenge yourself to come up with 20. And then later on 30. Get yourself up to 100. Or 1000. Just keep going. Keep going until you can say, “damn, I’m really something” and then go on some more.

If it is helpful, ask people you love and trust what they think you are good at. Do not do this before you make your first list and do not do it in lieu of it, but as a supplement to the one you make about yourself. To avoid generic or surface answers, phrase the questions as, “what would you hire me to do?” or “what would you pay me to do?” This will allow people in your life to think about what skills are most obvious and impressive to them. Add them to your list, even if you’re not quite ready to embrace them.

After you make your list, write down three moments in your life, from any point, where you have felt proud of something you did or said or accomplished. Again, don’t judge or diminish these. Be honest and take the time to remember them. What about these moments made you proud? How does it feel remembering them? What gifts and values were you accessing during them? How can you capture these feelings again and again and again? Add to your list as you remember more and more moments. Come up with three more and three more and three more after that. Share these moments with people you love, with your team at work, with your boss. Make them a part of your story. Share them with pride. Open the door for others to do the same.

Make a list

Finally, make a list of statements or affirmations that are both true and maybe a little bit of a stretch for you. Statements like:

I am ________________________________________

I know I can _________________________________

I deserve ____________________________________

I am proud of ________________________________

I am capable of _______________________________

I believe that I _______________________________

I will _______________________________________

Come up with different prompts and different answers each time. Or repeat them as they are salient for you. Add more. Or do the same ones over and over again. Practice saying them out loud to yourself, in the mirror if it helps. Email them or text them to yourself. Put them somewhere you can see them. Be creative and try different ways to incorporate them into your life. Notice where you feel good and where you feel uncomfortable. Spend some time reflecting on why.  Make it a habit. Push through when it feels slow or hard. Just keep on going. Whatever you do, don’t ever stop reminding yourself of who you are.

Believe in You


To those who are used to focusing on what they believe to be wrong and in need of fixing, rest assured that believing in yourself does not in any way necessitate a delusion of self or a pretension of perfection. We all have our struggles and challenges. The reason I am advocating for this focus and dedication solely on strengths and self-belief is that too many of us already spend far too much time focusing on that which we feel we lack. Too often, those around us, both personally and professionally focus on these things too. I am not the least bit concerned that you are not spending enough time on these areas. In fact, my heart breaks when I think about how much you probably do.

So start doing something different. Start believing in yourself. Right this minute. I promise, if you keep at it and learn to fully embrace your own potential, you will begin to live a life you enjoy and are proud of. I believe in you. Now go start believing in yourself!  

It is a very well-known fact that if anyone wants to succeed in life, they must believe in themselves. We have to believe in ourselves and in our abilities because our inner faith will create our external results.

People easily lose faith in themselves when encountering setbacks, failure and fear. When you lack confidence in yourself, others will pick up on that and won’t take you seriously.

Not many people live the life that they have always wished to live; they give up on their life goals as soon as they encounter the first setback. One of the main causes for this is that they do not believe in themselves.

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” – Brad Henry

The world that we are living in is extremely competitive and challenging, and people start to doubt themselves and their abilities when they come across failure. But a few failures are not the end. You must get back up again. Here’re 10 ways to believe in yourself again:

  1. Accept Your Current Situation

The first thing you need to do if you want to get back up and start believing in yourself again is to accept your current life situation. You have to make peace with how your life looks at the moment and what led to this situation that you are in.

Fighting with your situation won’t do you any good. Being resistant is pointless, so we must accept first. Only then will we have enough energy to change our life.

2. Think About Your Past Success

If you are feeling down and out, use your past to get motivated again. Remember the time when you used to just kick butt. When you were awesome and you used to rock it! Put yourself in that past and think about the awesome things that you used to do.

Now remember that you can do it again. It is easy to think about the times when you got hurt, but it is just as easy to think about those times when you were successful as well. Use your past to your advantage.

3. Trust Yourself

This is one of the most important things that can help you get that belief and confidence back. All the energy, power, courage, strength and confidence is within you.

Spend time with yourself to access it, whether it be through meditation, journalling, or activities that make you trust in yourself again.

4. Talk with Yourself

We are the ones who create who we will become. We do that every day by our daily beliefs and self-talk. It’s really important that we talk to ourselves and motivate ourselves.

We don’t ultimately need others’ approval. You deserve your own self-approval and supportive self-talk.

5. Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Fear stands for False Evidence that Appears Real.  It is the main thing that holds you back from believing in yourself again more than anything else.

Face your fears and don’t let them stop you from achieving your goals

6. Let Yourself Off the Hook

You have to forgive yourself for any failures or mistakes that you have committed in the past and move on.

You have to look at the future and stop living in the past. Be compassionate towards yourself.

7. Go with a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude towards everything is the quickest way in achieving that belief and confidence in yourself.

Be thankful for whatever you are and whatever you have. Always have a positive approach and see the good in the world.

8. Let a Life Coach Help You

A life coach is a professional that helps, supports, and guides you. A life coach can help you recognize your abilities and skills. They can help you refocus on your goals and remember your past successes.

When you’re full of doubt, your life coach will believe in you and help you to believe in yourself again.

9. Keep Moving Forward And Never Look Back

There are going to be countless times in your life when you will feel down and you will feel like giving up. The voice in your head will tell you to stop and you will start to doubt yourself, but never listen to that voice.

Be strong and keep moving on. Never give up on yourself. You have to keep on going and eventually you will reach your destination. And when you do, you will realise how much more powerful you have become.

10. Let Life Move You

Let your life follow its own natural flow.  When you learn to follow your life’s flow, you’ll realize that life is marvellous and precious.

If you let your life guide you, it will shower you with its gifts and riches. You have to accept the life you are given and you have to learn to relax. Allow it to let you move in the direction you are meant to go, and you will find success.

Until next month

Start believing in yourself. and make your dreams a reality.

Have a good month

Jon X

Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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It all Starts With You

June Blog In Audible Format.

Welcome to June’s Blog.

When you believe in yourself, you can overcome self-doubt and have the confidence to take action and get things done. When you’re drowning in fears, doubts, and self-sabotaging behaviors, success feels out of your grasp. All of the skills, training, and tools in the world won’t change your life
Some people say it’s resources, luck, background or connections that create successful people. Whereas I surely agree that all these and many other factors influence the path of every individual, the most contributing factor to achieving something significant is self-belief. Without this key ingredient, there’s not a lot that could help you.
To put yourself on the track to success, you need to understand that your brain always plays against you. It doesn’t care about your big goals, the only thing it wants is to keep you alive. Therefore, we experience procrastination, self-doubt, negative thinking, anxiety and so on. The sure-fire way to overcome these obstacles is to not believe in them and truly believe in yourself.
If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?
Honestly, if you don’t believe you’re going to succeed, then how on earth would anybody else do? Let’s say you want to build a successful business and you need to convince the investors that your idea is the one worth putting funds into.

You build self-confidence

If you are not confident enough, you’ll break like a twig the first time you face an obstacle. Whatever you want to achieve, there will be countless barriers questioning your competences. The only way to get through them is by being confident enough that you can and will.

This confidence comes from within, from the deep belief in yourself and your abilities.

Most of my work is with women who have fallen out of love with themselves. They come to me because they are struggling,  and they want me to help them get the skills they need to live their life better. They want something quick and clear, a top ten list of items to implement in order to live effectively. If it were only that easy.

You Can Do It


Believing in yourself affects everything you do. Everything. From your professional life to your personal life to your solitary life. In your relationship with yourself and in your relationships with others. In the choices you make and in the dreams you dream. How you view yourself, how you measure your value, how you assess your potential and how you determine your worth all combine to create the life you will live.

From your days as a student, the choices you make are determined by your belief in yourself. You choose your classes, your major, your training, your first job, not just based on what you think you might enjoy but based on what you think you are capable of and even deserve.

Parents, guidance counsellors, friends and neighbours may have influenced your belief in yourself by the judgement and advice they have given you- good, bad or otherwise. By ascribing certain schools as longshots or safeties based on their perception of your ability. By telling you which jobs you were qualified for or had enough experience in.

Sometimes these messages were shared with words like, “that’s a really hard school to get into” or “only the top students are ever chosen for that program.” Other times the message was more of a reaction, a look even, when you told someone, you trusted what you wanted and hoped for. Their eyes, their smile, their surprise indicated their support or disbelief. You may be receiving these messages still.

When we internalize the messages we receive, we often give them more weight than we do our own beliefs about ourselves. We start to take on the identity others ascribe to us and make choices based on that identity. We believe the version of ourselves that others project, a version that often reflects their own beliefs in themselves. We let others determine our value and worth. We let others write our stories.

In other cases, we receive great support and encouragement from those around us. We are fortunate to be told, over and over again, that we are valuable and worthy and capable of oh so much. That we can do anything we set our minds to. That the world is ours for the taking and that we can live the life we choose. But then, we reject these messages and raise the voice inside of us that says, “What do you know?”

So wherever you are coming from, whatever messages you have been told, whatever voices you have chosen to listen to, you are in a position today, right this moment to tell yourself that you are worthy and valuable and filled with potential and that you believe in yourself. No matter what anyone else has ever told you, including yourself.

It All Starts With You


Too often we look at others and compare our worth to theirs. Or we look at our past and use it to determine our future. Neither of these has any bearing whatsoever on what your life can be. No matter how successful and talented you deem everyone else to be or how many times you think you have failed, when you believe that the future is whatever you choose to make it, that is exactly what it begins to be.

You will decide what jobs to apply for based on your belief in your ability to secure them and do them well. You will pursue promotions based on your belief that you have earned them and that you are ready for the next level. You will take chances, risks and opportunities based on your belief that they are valuable for your growth and that you are valuable and deserving of them. You will negotiate and ask for raises based on your confidence in doing so and your belief that the money is rightfully yours. You will learn to confront people and situations because being liked by others is far less important to you than being respected and liked by yourself and believing in your strength to do the right thing. You will lead with confidence and vision because you recognize how great you can be, even if your skills are not yet where you would like them to be.


And like everything else, it all starts with your mindset, with the conversations you have with yourself and the messages you choose to believe. You can tell yourself that you are simply not good at something, or you can tell yourself that you can get better at anything you dedicate your energy to. You can talk yourself out of applying for a job you want because you think you will never get it, or you can prepare a powerful cover letter explaining why you are a fabulous fit for the position. You can tell yourself that you are just not good at public speaking or confrontation you excel or you can invest in your growth to get better at what will help you shine.

So how do you believe in yourself in moments or even a lifetime when you don’t? Some people will tell you to fake it until you do not have to fake it anymore. If that works for you, then do that. But more than faking it, I think being honest and starting exactly where you are is more effective. When I work with clients who want to quit smoking, the most powerful advice I ever give is all they had to do to quit smoking was to not smoke. Believing in yourself works exactly the same way. If you want to start doing it, you simply need to start doing it.  It is a process and it may be slower and harder than you would prefer., but know that you will get better at it if you choose.

Until next month

Start believing in yourself. and make your dreams a reality.

Have a good month

Jon X

Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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Motivate you.

May’s Blog in Audio Form

Hi welcome to May’s blog. Following on from last months motivation in yourself and the people around you.  How did you get on? Did you make changes? Did you motivate yourself or others? 

Reflect on How Far You’ve Come

How often do you pause, reflect, and appreciate how far you’ve come?

If you’re like many people, you probably don’t give yourself enough credit for all the growth you’ve gone through.

Take a few minutes to close your eyes and remember your successes, however small – relive and feel into them.

Do this often to help you stay motivated.

Remind Yourself of Your “Why”

Motivation comes from working on things we care about. Take a moment to write down three reasons you want to find motivation to get things done. Do you want to improve your fitness, get an education, save money, or start a business?


Keep coming up with answers until you find ones that will help you stay motivated.

Eliminate Distractions Mercilessly

Distractions are the enemy of focus. If you want to get motivated, you must eliminate distractions. Difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.”

The saying goes, “You can have anything you want. However, you can’t have everything you want.”

So, turn your phone off and leave it in a different room. Close the door. Turn the music off. Delete distracting apps.

Remind yourself that you are not punishing yourself – you’re just focusing on your goals. Then, remember what you truly want in the long-term.

What do you want in life?

Commit 100% to the Deal You’re Making

Remember, nothing comes for free. When you want something, you have to give something in return – whether it’s time, effort, hard work, or emotional discomfort.

That’s the deal.

Take a moment to recognize and appreciate the deal you’re making. Then commit to it 100%.  “Nothing will work unless you do.”

Declutter and Tidy

It’s extremely difficult to motivate yourself if you can’t see your bedroom floor and your desk looks like something has exploded on it. Have you ever heard the expression, “tidy space, tidy mind”?

What’s your environment like? Is it tidy, neat, and clean? Or is it messy and cluttered? Work from the outside in and create an environment that helps you to stay motivated.

Change Your Inputs

You know the saying, “you are what you eat.” And we consume a lot every day – food, music, podcasts, TV, social media. So, if you’re finding it challenging to motivate yourself, mix things up a bit. Listen to motivational podcasts, check out a must-read book, or watch some inspiring videos.

This can help you to freshen up, get energized, and find motivation to get things done.

Look to People in Your Life for Motivation

Some people energize us, others we find draining. So, when possible, seek out enthusiastic, motivated people to spend time with. Let yourself get wrapped up in their positive energy, and you may start developing self-motivation, too.

Ask for Help From Friends and Family

If you’re really struggling to motivate yourself, consider asking a close friend or family member for help. You could ask them to hold you accountable and check up on your progress.

By expressing your goals out loud to someone else, it can help to make them feel more real. Plus, if you know someone will check in on your progress, you may be more likely to follow through.

You Can Do It

Follow Inspiring People Who Motivate You

There are so many inspiring people out there who can help you to motivate yourself. Is there an entrepreneur, teacher, musician, or politician you find inspiring?

You can also learn how people you admire stay motivated, and then apply the lessons to your own life. As the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once said, “Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people from their experiences, stupid people already have all the answers.”

Listen to an Upbeat Song

If you need to motivate yourself quickly, try this super-simple tip: listen to a song you love that’s upbeat, inspiring, and full of energy. For bonus points, dance like a crazy person at the same time. Then, as soon as the song finishes, don’t pause – dive straight into action. It may become one of your favourite ways to stay motivated.

Remember Your Power and Potential

Look, you are powerful, and you have enormous potential. You may not feel like it sometimes, and you may even feel like I’m silly for saying it to you, but it’s true.

 “The most common reason people give up their power is because they think they don’t have any.”

So, please, take a moment to dig deep and try to connect with your inner power and potential – imagine what you could achieve.

Become still. Then listen to that quiet voice in your head saying,

 “You’ve Got This.”

How to find motivation?

The hardest part of finding motivation is often starting your search. You don’t need a perfect plan to get started. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a task or full of negative emotions, find something small—no matter how small—to get started. This could be as simple as something you’re already doing—like reading an article on motivation.

Where to find motivation

You may find it difficult to get motivated to complete a big task or achieve a goal that may take years to realize. One way to find motivation is to break things down into smaller tasks. That way, you can make real progress in a day (or maybe just an hour or a few minutes).

You may also want to do a “retrospective” on achievements in months or years past—you may be surprised at how far you’ve already come.

What to do when you have no motivation

You don’t have to find motivation on your own. If you’re feeling stuck or preoccupied with negative energy, ask friends or family to provide more perspective or help you talk through your goals.

Don’t have anyone to talk to right now? There are hundreds of inspirational personalities online who share their wisdom in every format—short and long, text and video. Find a few people in your area (e.g., business, relationships) who fill your inbox or social media feed with positivity.

How to Motivate Yourself: A Summary

Getting motivated can be tough – and it can be even more challenging to stay motivated. In summary, here are 20 ways to motivate yourself:

  • Just start and wait for the motivation to catch up with you.
  • Break tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps.
  • Create a positive mindset by asking yourself, “what’s good about this situation?”
  • Create positive feelings by writing down three things you’re grateful for.
  • Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake, then come back to the task at hand.
  • Know that mistakes are a necessary part of progress – accept and learn from them.
  • Cut overwhelming to-do lists down and focus on just one thing at a time.
  • Let go of goals that overwhelm you and set attainable goals that energize you.
  • Imagine your future if you don’t motivate yourself.
  • Reflect on your past successes and use the positive feelings to stay motivated.
  • Remind yourself of the reason why you want to find motivation to get things done.
  • Remember the trade-off you need to make to get what you want, then commit 100%.
  • Eliminate the things that distract you and then focus on one thing to achieve your goals.
  • Tidy space, tidy mind – declutter and organize your space to help motivate yourself.
  • Stay motivated by experiencing different food, music, books, or podcasts.
  • Look to people in your life who inspire and motivate you.
  • Ask close friends and family to help hold you accountable.
  • Follow people who inspire you online.
  • Listen – and dance! – to an upbeat song. Then dive into action when it finishes.
  • Connect with your true potential – you’re more powerful than you think.

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