It’s all about you isn’t it…

I had a call this morning enquiring about my hypnotherapy. I could hear she was in a bad place and clearly needed some help. I offered my free consultation and she readily agreed to come and see me. By the end of the call she sounded much happier.

Within half hour she rang back. her husband had asked her to ask me how much it was all gonna cost. I told my prices and emphasised to her what she would be getting for her money. IE quality of life, being able to do the things she had discussed with me etc. Again she seemed really happy and actually couldn’t wait to start. the call ended.

10 minutes later this lovely lady rang back and again sounding very sad and not in a good place cancelled the free consultation and apologised for wasting my time. I assured her she hadn’t wasted my time at all but I was curious as to why she had cancelled the consultation. her reply is unfortunately all to common.

“My husband says we can’t afford it. He wants a new Apple Watch for Christmas, so I need to save the money.”

I wished her well and let her know that I’m always available if she needed to talk.

Now I think that story is very sad, but it is all to common. Many of us think of others and don’t look after ourselves or in this case a selfish partner (Sorry but he is) is putting a watch before his wifes health.

That call has not only upset me but it made me realise that so many of us care about what others think rather than caring what we ourselves think. We do things to keep the peace or for an easy life. Some of that I understand I do it myself, but NOT where our own well being is being neglected or even ignored. straight after those call I put out this post on Facebook.


Now I don’t usually put out posts like that but I wanted to make people aware that they need to put themselves first.

Ok rant over. Hey but look on the bright side it’s another blog. 2 weeks in a row. I can’t promise that I will keep this up, but enjoy it while it lasts.

Have a great week, and I will speak to you soon.

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Sleep ZZZZZZzzzzzz

Would you believe it 2 blogs within the same week. Don’t worry it won’t last. The reason I’m back so quick is that I’m launching a freebie tomorrow. Yep I’m giving something away for free. (Hang on two blogs in a week, now giving something away… NURSE!)

As a thank you for your continued support I thought I would like to give something back, so tomorrow on my Facebook page I’m giving away my ‘A Better Nights Sleep’ sound file. You will be able to download and then it’s yours to keep.


I often read morning posts on Facebook saying “Woke again early hours” or “Just 3 hours sleep last night”, and we all know unless we have a good nights sleep we don’t function as well the following day.

So to help people function better or even just feel better I wanted to share what I could do for you. Now of course if it’s a major issue then I would always recommend you seeing someone like your Doctor or a hypnotherapist for a one to one session, but for a lot of us it is just a habit that our bodies have got into.


How many wake up at roughly the same time throughout the night? I bet it’s quite a lot. That’s because your body has got use to waking up at that time. In my sound file I give you tips how to break that habit. What you MUST NOT DO is pick up your phone and start scrolling through Facebook to see who else is awake. How many of you do that?

I won’t spoil the sound file but the biggest mistake that we all make is when we wake we focus sooooo hard on trying to get back to sleep. Well as strange as it sounds the last thing we want to do is actually think about sleep. Our body is already tired as are our muscles, so think about doing something strenuous Like going for a run or  doing some gardening, something that appeals to you. You of course don’t do it but you think about doing it and because your body is already tired it says “No way am I doing that” and it drops back off to sleep.

Try it it really works.

So if you would like to get my Better Nights Sleep Sound file. pop over to my Facebook page at Like my page message me saying I’m in and you will receive the link, but hurry the link will only be good for a week.


I hope to hear from you.

Night Night. zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Anxiety and you.

Well what do you know. Another blog within the same month.

I must be getting good, and I’ve tied it in with my new web page. Well I think I have. Anyway, I hope you are all well. I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since I went full time with this business. 10 months of helping people change their lives for the better. doesn’t matter if it was losing weight, giving up smoking or learning to control anxiety. They all made changes which made them happy, and that’s just it I’m only giving the suggestion you as the client do the real work. If you really want to change, stop, control your issues, you can. I will help you along the way and together we will beat your issues, your thing.

Anxiety for me seems to affect most people, and if we can control that anxiety and all the symptoms that go with it we can beat it, and it may be easier than you think.


I seem to be specialising in anxiety and confidence and all the other symptoms that brings with it and you know what, I love it. I love helping people realise their full potential. Just by getting them to feel better about themselves and accept things as they are now, but to move towards a stronger them, and more confident them an in control them.

Now I know not everybody can afford to visit a therapist, I understand that. So what I hope to do in these blogs is give you some coping mechanisms which will make you life easier.

I made a mind map linking symptoms back to anxiety. See if you recognise  any that perhaps you have been suffering from not realising it’s anxiety.


Feel Lost  –  Feel Angry  –  Feel Afraid  –  Worried  –  Weak  –  Panicky  –  Nervous  –  Tired  –  Tense  –  Alone  –  Restless  –  Sweating  –  Living Behind a Mask  –  Scared  –  Trembling  –  Weak in Arms & Legs.

These are just some of the symptoms that I have dealt with. If you suffer in another way please leave a comment and I will add it to a future blog and how I can help you control it.


Start seeing a better you. Start liking the person that you see in the mirror of a morning.

Love yourself first.

until next time. Be happy and don’t suffer alone talk to someone. It’s ok not to be ok.

Best wishes.

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