Carla Bear

The Adventures of Carla Bear

A series of Children’s books by Jon Adkin.


The whole idea of Carla Bear came from a series of paintings I did some years ago.

Carla Bear

I based the paintings on a teddy and had fun playing on BEAR words. BlackBEARd, BEAR Hug, etc. I wrote a short story for my youngest son about a little bear that wanted to join in the fun and games that he was playing with his friends but she kept getting left behind. So when the house was empty Carla would have her own adventures.
The stories were put away and I carried on painting and after a chance meeting with a buyer of one of my original bear paintings who asked if I had done anything with my stories, I decided to dust them off and start looking to get them published.

Well six books later The Adventures of Carla Bear are now available on Kindle and as paperbacks.
Thank you to anyone who has purchased any of my books and I look forward to sharing Carla’s New books with you.

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