How I can help during Lockdown.


Free Consultation

I will continue to offer FREE consultations. However these will be carried out via Zoom online or by phone. This way it means you don’t have to travel unnecessarily.

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions.

We can do online sessions via Zoom which are just as powerful as face to face. In fact some people say they are more relaxed as they are in their own familiar surroundings, and for the duration of the Lockdown I will be offering online sessions at a reduced price of £60.00 per session.

Online IEMT Sessions.

IEMT works online and I have been using my time recently honing my online skills so that I offer you the best possible solution.

Emergency Face to Face

Guidelines set out by the Government allows me to see clients face to face if I believe they fit into a vulnerable category and they are unable to work remotely.

I am here during Lockdown, So don’t feel that you alone.

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Online sessions

If your not sure if online will work for you click below and have a read.

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Free Consultations

By offering you a free consultation I can get the bigger picture and sometimes even find the real root of the issue. Many times I have clients come to me and the issue is never the issue. Want to know more about working with me? Click below.

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Good morning Jon.I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your effort whilst working with me. I know I was a challenge, but you stuck with me and kept me positive. Well your work paid off. I feel so much happier and it is as if a huge burden has been lifted. Even returning to work wasn’t the major disaster that I was worried about.Thank you so very much.

A satisfied client.

Dear Jon. I cannot believe that I turned to a perfect stranger for help. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. You made me feel better about myself from our very first meeting. Thank you for all that you have done. You have quite literally turned mine and my families life around. I would not thought it was possible 2 months ago. Thank you so so much. Keep doing what you do, you’re a special man.

Love G

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Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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Books available by Jon Can I Change? a book to help you handle your anxiety on a daily basis. 100 days in isolation a fun book for both adults and children showing the funnier side of lockdown.