Oi Butt Out!

Oi Butt out

A 3 CD or 3 downloadable sound files to help you quit smoking.

Not only does it help you give up it deals with the aftermath as well such as turning to food, or dealing with the cravings etc.

Are YOU ready to give up smoking once for all?
If YOU want to do it. I can help.

Crushing cigarettes

Oi Butt Out!

is an audio programme which will help you give up smoking using audio hypnotherapy, and interaction with a qualified Hypnotherapist.

Plus bonuses and freebies.
A single payment of £300.00
gives you access to 3 CDs or Downloadable Sound Files
which will help you stop smoking
Cigarettes, Weed, or vaping. 

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Oi Butt Out

A stop smoking system Which not only helps you stop smoking, but deals with the cravings and the after effects to.


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