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Focus on the solution. Not the problem

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method of bringing about positive changes in behaviours, feelings and perceptions. Are you ready to take the first step in your journey of freedom from bad habits, overwhelming anxiety, relationship issues (such as jealousy/self-esteem) Lack of confidence or Self-worth. and so much more?

If you are looking for a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist who is qualified to work with adults and children then you are in the right place. For help with confidence, self-worth, anxiety, addictions, relationship issues and children/teenager issues, and much more please contact me for a free consultation.

The confidential, non-judgemental and efficient service has been proven to help create positive change in my clients.

After making initial contact we can arrange a free 30 minute consultation (appointment sometimes required), where I gather the background information. This means that our first face to face appointment can be a treatment session.

Working with me will mean your wellbeing and recovery is my priority. I am popular with my clients because of my person-centred approach to therapy and going the extra mile.

I spend the necessary time required to help you create the change.

I have face-to-face clinic appointments available in Haverhill Suffolk where I am currently based. However, I have had international clients whom I treat via Zoom.

I aim to treat clients within 1-6 sessions. I pride myself in discharging clients when they have made the desired beneficial change.

Some clients with severe anxiety have required only 2 hypnotherapy sessions (* individual results may vary). Rather than continuing with a client who feels better, I have informed them they need no further treatment.

With this level of integrity my clients recommend me or re-book for other issues because they can see I am not just after their money. Helping people and the joy it brings me seeing them go on to live the life they want gives me great satisfaction.

  • Suffolk Clinic in CB9 Area – COVID safe face to face appointments available
  • On-Line therapy available (Zoom)
  • Free telephone consultation (30 minutes)
  • From £80 per session
  • Smoking Cessation: £199
  • Weight loss package 4 sessions: Special offer paid upfront £299

One to One sessions here in Haverhill Suffolk. In most cases a minimum of 2 or 3 sessions are needed and in the price of 2 or more sessions I will include a sound file for you to keep.

From £80.00 Per Session

Update & Reboot Online

Update & Reboot online. A 5 lesson program backed up with an E-Guide video and audio files giving you the tools to get an instant boost of confidence, calm, self-worth or whatever it is that you need at that time.

I will teach you how to use self-hypnosis to deliver the UPDATE that you need when you need it.

All for just a one off price. Just £50.00 on an Early Bird Discount. Purchase Here. Contact me for more details.

What is Update and Reboot?

Packages are available for peace of mind. Contact me for more details.

Online sessions are as effective as one to one sessions. The advantage for you is that you don’t have to travel, you can be in your favourite chair and perhaps being in your own surroundings you will relax even more.

£80 Per Session

When treating a client remotely, I ask the client to set aside a time where they can enjoy privacy and comfort for the duration of the treatment session (60-90 mins). Together we use the first part of the session discussing the issues at hand, and the desired changes. For the final 25 minutes, the client will sit or lay in a comfortable position with the laptop pointing towards them so I can see them, whilst I work with them. It’s a very effective method and I am able to monitor my client throughout the process. Like with the face-to-face treatment, after 2 sessions, I also provide a recording of the tailored treatment at no extra cost. The benefit of remote sessions, is that you are free from the burden of travelling, which saves you time. It also means you can access sessions if you are not local to Haverhill, or are working away. It is also a brilliant first step for individuals whom may experience severe anxiety that is preventing them from leaving their home.


What is IEMT? How can IEMT help you overcome trauma? First of all, let me point out this is not trance work. I’m a qualified hypnotherapist but this therapy is non-hypnotic and allows change to happen.

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£80.00 Per Session (2 Sessions required)

I could not believe how much better I felt even after the first session. Jon puts you so much at ease, it’s easy to relax.


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