Are you giving something up for Lent?

Hi Welcome back or if you have not been here before, where you been? This week as it is the start of Lent I wanted to look at things that we could give up to improve our life. The difference is We are not going to give up till Easter. I am talking about givingContinue reading “Are you giving something up for Lent?”

What you got planned?

Hi Well that was a quick month, or is it just me. January lasted 3 months, February lasted a couple of weeks. Well that’s how it feels.  Anyway I digress (posh word for me) What have you got planned for March, anything exciting ? I am launching a new confidence and Self Esteem package. It’sContinue reading “What you got planned?”

Love you and others will follow suit.

Hi, This week I’m going to carry on with my help and advice guide for Self Esteem. I can’t stress enough that you need to love and accept yourself before others will love you.  I have problems feeling valued if I am not valued by others. Being loved by others certainly does not hinder yourContinue reading “Love you and others will follow suit.”

How is your self Esteem?

Hi How are we all doing? I promised at the tail end of last year that I’m going to start using this blog and my Facebook page  to help with certain conditions or emotions etc. Well today I’m going to start doing that. I want to start with self esteem. I’m starting with this oneContinue reading “How is your self Esteem?”

Our thoughts can ruin us, and friendships.

Ok so this week I upset a very good friend. They thought I was insinuating something where as actually I was concerned. However their thoughts and now mine have escalated the tension. It got me thinking about points of view and how you look can look at things and overthink them and then make 2Continue reading “Our thoughts can ruin us, and friendships.”