I’m Passionate.

Hi Welcome to the end of May.

Now did the title of this blog interest you? Are you expecting a blog all about relationships and loving? if you are you may be a little disappointed.  What I was pointing out is that I’m passionate about my work (Sorry to disappoint). I’ve just spent a few days in Ireland and whilst I was there I caught up with some of the extended family and of course the conversations got round to my work and hypnotherapy especially.  Now once I get talking about what I do, I won’t stop, and the one word that kept coming out was passion. they pointed out to me how passionate I am about hypnotherapy, how passionate I am towards helping others and how passionate I was to build my business.

You know what they are absolutely right. I am passionate, and if that comes across, then I’m pleased. When I was working at the school I loved my job and I enjoyed seeing the children develop, but now It’s different. I see clients perhaps for only 3 or 4 sessions and in that time we work together to turn that persons life around, and we do.

In my last blog Do you feel lucky.  I told you why I do what I do, and it’s good to know that my passion still comes across.

Are you passionate about anything?

The thing is, the biggest misconception about people finding their passion is that the ones who haven’t found it yet think it will just click for them and come naturally. That’s not the case. Our passion is something we stick with long enough to thoroughly enjoy doing it, that we don’t even mind working for long hours on it.

Here are my tips to help you find your passion. Pick something that you’re naturally talented at, and just stick with it. It doesn’t matter if you want to switch or you don’t like it anymore, pursue it long enough to be able to win a couple of competitions in that field. Then, you will feel extremely good about it and will want to continue pursuing it, because you feel like you’re the best at it!

The thing about us humans is that, when we feel or “accept” that we can’t be the best at something, we lose interest in it and move on to something else. That’s what being lazy is all about- when we easily give up and move onto something that we think is easier. The people who actually find their passion are those who stick with one thing long enough to be at the top.

People with a passion are able to enjoy it for a long time because what they do makes them feel good about themselves, that they are better than everyone else at it. But how do you become the best at something? Well by spending more time on that thing than other people.

So don’t worry about not being passionate about anything right now. Very rarely will someone be passionate about something from the start. Find something you like or something you are talented at, and once you spend enough time to become an expert at it, trust me, you’ll always enjoy doing it. Passion is that satisfactory feeling that comes as a result of forcing yourself to become skilled enough to beat others, putting you on top of the world!

It sounds like that’s the same case with you and pretty much everyone else who doesn’t enjoy their work. You may “like” some things, but once you get put down by others who are better than you, you quit. To overcome that and turn something into your passion, don’t give up so easily and keep on pursuing it until you reach the top.

BP Image 5

Who knows what your passion may be.

here are 10 things to get passionate about.

1. Yourself

You will end up spending the rest of your life with yourself! Investing passion into your self, your self-improvement, and future development is always going to be a good investment.

Of course, that can be much easier said than done for a lot of people. Anything ranging from mental health problems to general set-backs in life can prevent a person from seeing their own value and worth.

2. Animals

Animals and pets serve as a comforting escape for so many people. They are relatively uncomplicated, especially when compared to trying to navigate the difficulties of work, life, relationships, and friendships.

Animals are fairly simple and offer unconditional love, which inspires similar passion in animal lovers and pet owners.

A passion for animals can extend to your own pets, volunteering at shelters, pet sitting, bird watching, dog walking, or just sitting at a dog park and watching the animals play.

3. Hobbies

There are so many different hobbies and interests out there to take part in.

Developing a passion for a hobby, particularly a hobby that you can share with others, can really help ignite passion and creativity in other areas of your life.

4. Art

Few things invoke passion in people like art, even if we aren’t necessarily an artist ourselves.

There is something to be said about the magnificence of seeing masterpieces of creativity, whether they are paintings, sculptures, writing, or anything that a person creates through their vision and effort.

5. Uplifting Others

Kindness is an investment that always pays back dividends, not necessarily from the outside, but for one’s own peace of mind and soul.

People are social creatures and we benefit from socialisation. In many ways, what we put out into the world is returned to us in the form of our own inner peace, happiness, contentment, and well-being.

That makes developing passion for others into something that can really help with our peace of mind and place in life.

Developing a habit for uplifting and helping others, whether it’s in your personal life or through charity work with others, is a great choice.

6. Learning

A passion for learning can open so many doors and broaden your horizons.

Learning is a gift that continuously gives to the person who is nurturing and growing their knowledge.

Learning also pairs well with experiences. It’s one thing to read a book or listen to a lecture, but actually going out and partaking in a new activity that you learned about can help you meet new people and develop a deeper understanding.

7. Simplifying

Life is a complicated machine with an infinite array of moving parts. Developing a passion for simplification can help bring everything into a more orderly focus.

Life, of course, is not always easy or predictable. Things will come out of nowhere that can affect your life either positively or negatively.

Simplification can help reduce your stress, make it easier to interpret situations, and make better decisions in the overall grand scheme of things.

8. Health And Fitness

A passion for health and fitness will boost your well-being in the future.

The body is a machine that must be taken care of if we want it to perform well for an extended period of time. Developing a passion for health and fitness will not only help with physical health, but it helps improve one’s mental health and overall well-being.

9. Career

A career-minded person with a strong passion for what they do, whether it is something mundane or magnificent, can make a significant difference in the world and within their industry.

There are some loud voices and opinions shouting down the importance of passion and happiness about having a career, which is strange, since most of us are going to spend at least a third of our adult life working.

Finding peace, happiness, and passion in one’s career can make that time much less stressful.

And if you have a career that you don’t like or don’t feel passionate about, maybe it’s time to start looking at other options and exploring new opportunities before quitting your job and starting afresh.

There are so many roads to success and happiness out there. There’s no reason to force yourself onto just one.

10. Taking Action

The ability to take action is what leads to positive changes in one’s life and well-being.

Well wishes, ideas, and inspiration is all quite cheap and shallow. Success in all things goes to the people who choose to take action and work on their goals.

Dedication and discipline are what keep people moving forward through the low times when they doubt themselves or their path.

Anxiety and fear fade away with action, because you gain experience and build confidence in your ability to tackle the things that are in front of you.

There is no more important passion in life to develop than one for taking action. Action is what leads to every single successful venture, whether it’s personal development or professional.

And it’s super easy to start! All you need to do is choose to do the work.

Now it’s your turn. What are you passionate about? Leave a comment below to share your passions with others who might be looking for inspiration.

Have a great week.

Jon XX

Do you feel Lucky punk?

Do you remember that quote from Dirty Harry (Old Clint Eastwood film. What do you mean who is Clint Eastwood) Actually it’s a misquote, what was actually said was, “You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” Do you feel lucky?

I know I do, but why. I’m short (not far off from an Elf according to my youngest son who is 6 foot tall) I’m balding rapidly, I’ve had two major heart attacks, 2 strokes, I have metal shoulders and I’m registered disabled. So what have I go to feel lucky about? Easy answer, Everything. I’m still here, I’m loving what I do helping other people and  for me and my health each day is a gift, which I enjoy opening.

know I know if you were to go by my medical records I am a mess. (Thought they were going to name a bench after me in the grounds of the local hospital at one point) but I am lucky. Lets go back to the early 60s I was born in Gloucester to a woman who decided for whatever reason she could not keep me. Now I could have just been abandoned somewhere. Left in a doorway or worse, but no. I was put up for adoption (Lucky break) at 18 months I was adopted by the best family ever and that goes for the extended family as well. (Lucky break) I had the best childhood down in London and without being spoilt I couldn’t have asked for more. I was bought up knowing I was adopted, and the way it was told me was that I was special as I was chosen. (Ok Dad wanted a girl, but luckily she was a messy eater, so they chose me) (Lucky break).

As a young adult I was a drummer in a band and thought that was going to be my future. However my shoulders had other ideas. 16 dislocations of the left shoulder in one year (Bloody painful) I had my first pin put in on the day John Lennon was shot. 8th December 1980. (Ok I can see you thinking that’s not lucky) stay with me.

That pin didn’t last long nor did the next, or the next.  Then my right shoulder started to dislocate a lot. More ops. So how is this lucky? My dislocations were wearing away my shoulder blades. Back then I could have easily have lost use of my arms but there was a surgeon in Cambridge who wanted to try something a bit radical on a young man A shoulder fusion (Lucky break). Which means I have no use of my shoulders and very restricted movement, (which I have got use to), but I have the use of my arms.  Now my operating theatre must have looked like the hardware shelf in B&Q


See what I mean

So my drumming career was over as was my very short love of golf. but I had my arms. now after some sick time I had to think which direction my career would go. Now because I had become a house husband I was responsible for getting my eldest ready for school and on on the school bus each day, which I did for quite a time but each morning the head teacher use to drive past and one day she stopped (Lucky break) she asked what I did with my days while I was undergoing physiotherapy. I said not a lot so she offered to drive me in each day and I could listen to readers and help with art (my other love). Well to cut a long story short I was there for 25 years and I ended up becoming the IT manger. In that time I made some wonderful friends and met so many lovely families and worked with some lovely children. (Lucky break)

Because I believe in myself I am still achieving. I’ve written and illustrated 9 books now. (6 children’s books, 2 poem books and and a book on anxiety. I’m still setting new goals and while I am breathing I always will

Now at long last I get to the point. I didn’t have much to feel lucky about but my mindset remained positive and it always will do. When I lost my confidence and self esteem I turned to hypnotherapy to get me through, and it did. Not only did it get me through It got me beyond where I was. I used the Paul Mckenna Self hypnosis videos back then and continued to use them as my life took a whole new direction. I am now a qualified hypnotherapist and having left the school. I have my own private practise in Suffolk helping people who want help to improve their lives. I’ve written this blog because on Facebook this week I saw a post from someone saying “only bad things happen to me.” well that isn’t true. I know this person. They have their health. They are married, they have their own house, they have a job, they have a car and they have two very healthy children.  Yes they have ups and downs in life but we all have them. It’s how we deal with them and how we let it effect us.

If you ignore all the good things that happen in your life and just focus on the bad times then yes you will think you have a bad life. Those negative thoughts will consume you and you will miss out on the good points as you are sat waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

We can’t be happy all the time but we can be positive and we can flip those thoughts.

Fall down the stairs.

Negative thought… I’m gonna be in pain all day.

Positive thought…Wow I got down here quick.

Don’t let a bad 5 minutes in the day ruin that day and sometimes the rest of the week. Move on, learn from the mistake and improve yourself.

If you need help I’m here and there are many great hypnotherapists around the world that can help you. If it’s the past or your past learnings that’s holding you back. We can help with that too. We can’t change the past, but we can change how you think about it  how you let it affect you.

Change the way you talk to yourself, quiet down that critical voice in your head. You are in control of your thoughts.

Think positive, smile more and appreciate all that you have.

Have a great weekend

Jon XX



All in Good Thyme


Hope you had a lovely Easter. As the kids grow up there were less eggs around the house, but mu son did have the absolutely huge chocolate ostrich egg from Aldi. It was massive. I will let you into a secret. I can’t stand the chocolate of Easter eggs. I never have done. When I was a kid my parents use to buy me an annual  instead of an egg. I was happy with that. Anyway I digress.

I thought I would share with you some early details of my new weight loss program. All in Good Thyme ( Do you see what I did there) which I’m launching on the 1st of May.  Now this is not a diet program this is a hypnotherapy at home program which will change your relationship with food.

All in good Thyme 1

How does it work I hear you ask….Go on someone ask. well I will tell you. Firstly I have set up a Facebook page where only subscribers to the program will be invited. I have recorded 5 Sound files (there will be bonus material) which the client will receive every 14 days. and each sound file helps with different aspects of eating like, comfort eating, Binge eating, Picking etc etc. There are PDFs to print out to help you along but the biggest part is that it is tailored to you. So when someone signs up they will be sent a totally confidential questionnaire which will show me their eating habits and their lifestyle and from that the first sound file will be aimed at their needs.

This is a program that you can do at home or if you would prefer to visit me I will of course be more than happy to see you at my practice in Haverhill.

The added extra of this program is that it includes in the price my Piece of Mind guarantee.


This means for 12 months you have access to me. Should you need extra support in that 12 months for a weight related issue I will provide it foc.

Now I will say that this is NOT a quick fix program. As the name suggests It will take Thyme (time) I have been running trials on this and I am getting mixed results. All the clients have lost weight and have changed their way of thinking towards food, and I have had results of over a stone + in the initial 12 week period to a loss of just 8 lbs. However a loss is a loss and as it’s hypnosis based the end results will be down to how badly you want it.

This works as a standalone program or works along side other diets that are out there. So if you have a weight problem or just a bad relationship with food. This program could be the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s launching the 1st of May and I will be offering early bird reductions of 25% from Sunday for 3 days. so watch my Facebook page

All in good Thyme

Confidence/Weight Loss Package

A 4 Session 12 week Package which not only includes Weight loss and motivation hypnotherapy sessions but also PDFs to back up our sessions together along with a 12 month Peace of Mind contact agreement where you as my client can contact me should you ever feel that you are slipping back to that dark place, and we work together to get you back to where you want to be.

If you would like to know more message me or contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Speak to you soon

Jon XX

I have a question!


Welcome to April. Did anyone get fooled? (or are we just allowing the government to do all of us at the same time?) It’s amazing how much better we feel when the sun is shining and the days are longer. So what’s happening with me? Well last week I had an impromptu open morning with a Q and A session. I had a couple of rescheduled appointments so I thought I would open the doors. I also opened the questions to my Facebook page  Allowing anyone who had any questions to get in touch.

I had biscuits, I made coffee and people came, which I was surprised at to be honest as I only decided to do it Monday night and the open morning was Wednesday. Some past clients came and bought friends. Some new faces popped in oh and best of all the window cleaner turned up with his massively long pole (keep it clean ladies) and decided to clean the windows so suddenly, as we was in the conservatory it suddenly sounded like the heavens had opened and going out of the front door was like walking through Niagara Falls. “More coffee anyone” It wasn’t a ploy to keep them longer, I promise.

Anyway. It always surprises me the questions that people ask, but it’s good that they ask because if you don’t ask the answer is always no. I have a FAQs page on my website. and also a working with me page, which answers a lot of the usual questions. However there are always questions that people want to ask but they feel to silly. Can I say no question is too silly. If you are brave enough to ask I salute you.

What I would like to share with you is some of the more unusual questions that came up, like.

Q. Can You hypnotise my boyfriend into seeing me thin (like in shallow Hal)?

A. No sadly not,

Q. Can you make me forgot the past?

A. I can’t make you forget the past but I can change how you think about it and how it effects you putting you back in control of your thoughts.

Q. Can you make me a better golfer?

A. Actually yes. I can help you become more focused and to visualise.

Q. I have a very odd phobia. Can you help me get over it?

A. Yes. Fears and phobias are thoughts. I can flip those thoughts so that you don’t associate a negative feeling with that ‘thing’.

Q. Can you help me get over a bad relationship.

A. Yes I can. It doesn’t matter what went wrong or what happened within the relationship. I can help you move on, feel good about yourself and live the life you deserve.

I received lots of different questions across the day, which was good. Never be afraid to ask. What you may think is a silly question really could be meaningful for someone else. Also don’t feel you have to wait for a Q and A session. If you have a question, message me and I will get back to you. I won’t always be able to help. However if I can’t help I am sure I will know someone who will be able to help you. I am now a part of We Are Thrive  a community organisation launched in 2018. ​ ​Based in Saffron Walden, who have both the qualifications and experience of the mental health and wellbeing sector, having worked amongst the community for many years​.  Our aim as a group is to offer a wide range of affordable and accessible wellbeing services that encompass mentoring, counselling, training and workshops to help you address any mental health issues, such as those we are all faced with today. From the young to the old, our organisation offers access to a multitude of highly qualified professionals that are both easily accessible and affordable too.

I hope you have a good week. Don’t forget my door is always open. If you have a question, or want a chat message me or call me.

Best Wishes

Jon XX

Let me tell you a story.

Hi welcome back to my weekly blog. yep I’ve been a good boy and been writing weekly for some time now, but like sky TV it’s ok you can read on catch up.

This week I want to tell you a story. Now this is a client’s story but she wants me to share it with you. Of course no names or personal details will be used but her story will be true and honest, but lets see if it has a happy ending.

Now when clients ring me they have usually be following me on Facebook for a while, liking posts or making the odd comment and when they feel ready they contact me. Last week was a little different I received a frantic phone call from a lady, She had seen my ads but in her words had never paid much attention to them until last Wednesday. Last Wednesday I run an ad about being stuck in again, when the sun is shining because you didn’t feel like facing the world. She told me that as she was scrolling through her Facebook then it was as if that ad hit her like a sledgehammer.

“My God that’s me” She knew she had a problem but she wasn’t really sure what was wrong. She then liked my page and she looked back over past ads and posts and she realised that I was talking about her. We ll not her specifically but how she was feeling.

Now instead of following me for a few more weeks or even months in some cases (you know when the time is right) She rang me straight away. The reason the call was frantic was because on Saturday 23rd March she had to take her children and a friends child to a concert. She didn’t want to go, the very thought of it scared her and even made her feel sick. So much so that she was prepared to fake an illness to get out of going.  This lovely lady was desperate. She didn’t want to let her children and their friend down but she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t go, it wasn’t possible. or so she thought.

Now usually I offer a free consultation and I would make notes, and from those notes I plan hypnotherapy sessions for the client over the coming weeks, but it was Wednesday evening and the concert was on Saturday. and my client who was now a blubbering wreck (her words not mine ) in my hypnotherapy room  needed help now!

So within 2 hours of her initial call my client was now getting comfortable on my very nice reclining chair ready to be hypnotised to give her the confidence and the self belief to be able to go to the concert.

I will be back after this break…

My book Can I change is available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

Book Cover

Visit my Website to see what else I offer. www.jonadkin.com

So where was I? Oh yes.

Now for me this was a little odd because really my client didn’t want to go to the concert. she wasn’t looking to be miraculously cured as she didn’t really know what was wrong. So do I give her suggestions to be strong and say to the daughter that she didn’t want to go or do I try to give her the confidence to go to the concert. Tricky one.

On further conversation I discovered she liked the artist who was performing and use to go to concerts years ago. It was just the thought of taking her girls and their friend and being responsible for them.

I knew what to do.

As a hypnotherapist I have a tool box, not a literal tool box, just scripts or protocols that I can use to help clients.

That day I chose the Blueprint a content free hypnotherapy protocol. Being content free the client makes all the choices. She would know what she needs to let go of, or think differently about. She would be able to picture herself doing whatever she decided to do.

When I run ads for this I advertise it as a spa day for the mind. Every client I have used this on have seen so much improvement in their lives.

An hour later my client is back to full consciousness and is no longer a blubbering wreck. She can’t believe what she let go of and how she didn’t expect to see the things she saw.

I received a call Saturday night which hung up as soon as I spoke, Oh dear, that’s not a good sign. I received another call from the same number on Sunday morning. It was my client.

She apologised for hanging up on me. The reason she hung up was that it was just too noisy at the concert. Yes she went and not only did she go she ended up dancing in the aisles.

The reason for this story is just to say. you may know something is wrong, or holding you back but your not sure what. Well you may not know but you deeper sub conscious mind will know. So don’t think oh it’s just silly or it will go away on its own. Sometimes we need a bit of help, and help is out there.

It’s never to late to change.

Have a great week

Jon xx

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