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If you have something nice to say, then share it. It will make you feel good and also the person you are being nice about.

Thank you to each and every client that has sent these testimonials in. I appreciate every kind word said. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you all every success going forward.

Around 8 years ago I experienced a life changing traumatic event that lead to me developing PTSD. Since the event I have been suffering with flashbacks and extreme and heightened anxiety when exposed to triggers. This has meant that at certain times of year or in certain conditions it was like I was back re living the event, it would bring back the intense, upsetting and scared feelings I had on that day. This was extremely heightened at key dates in the year that were linked to the event that I would then need a significant amount of time to recover from. It was like every time this happened any progress I had been making towards moving on with my life was gone and I was back to the start again. It would take over whole months of the year for me, waking in panic as if I was back reliving it again. I have been trying to address this for a number of years and addressed some of the more general anxiety and lack of confidence that came from this event. I had made huge progress with Hypnotherapy so I had large chunks of time were it was not consuming my thoughts everyday anymore, but I couldn’t shake these trigger events and the one key memory I was always taken back to. I had been researching various PTSD treatments and knew that talking therapy was not for me due to the fear of bringing everything up again every time I talked about. Having been treated by Jon previously with Hypnosis I was very keen to try the IEMT that he had recently qualified in due to the trust I have in Jon.  However, even with this trust I had my doubts that anything was going to be able to address this memory and its impact for me. The whole session with Jon was amazing and so simple but profoundly impactful. When the session started and Jon asked me to think about the memory that affected me I was straight there, feeling everything I had felt shaking inside and feeling sick at the thought of it. Listening to Jon and following the procedure I couldn’t believe how almost immediately it had started to fade and become less clear, a second run through and I was unable to take myself there, it was as if my brain was unable to locate all the pieces anymore and it could no longer hurt me. I was so shocked and in the days following my session I tested myself day after day, even exposing myself to what were previous trigger point. It has been over a month since I had this it has not returned. Yes I can still remember what happened but I am no longer able to relive it in my head, this has changed so much for me and I will no longer dread key dates or dark nights approaching. It is mind blowing for me to think what has plagued me for years was addressed in one session. I am truly thankful to Jon for everything he has done for me and my life. For the first time in a long time I feel I may actually be able to move forward and truly put the past behind me.

Hello Jon I hope you are well. I wanted to feed back to you on my IEMT therapy two weeks ago. Well Jon it has definitely worked. There is a huge shift and one that I never imagined I can only relate back to you that it is connected with paired association, the cause of most triggers and linked very much to complex PTSD. I have tried many times to visualise memories events etc that when linked to experiences in the present actually trigger me. The upshot is that I CANNOT …period. You have completely broken the sequence of events that create these triggers. I feel totally unaffected and all I visualise are happy memories and events that make me feel whole and complete as a person. Absolutely amazing, I will promote this therapy to anyone I come across that needs it A HUGE THANK YOU.

Just had this published about my services. I couldn’t be more pleased. In a world of home learning and fake certificates, how do you know where to turn? My sister turned to Jon Adkin BAHyp Hypnotherapist based in Haverhill Suffolk. I accompanied my sister and on meeting Jon we found him to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He displays his certificates with pride, and is happy to answer any questions on his training. Jon continues to study, adding new methods to, in his words ‘his toolbox’. Three sessions later my sister is unrecognisable from the wreck that entered Jon’s practice. My parents and I can’t thank Jon enough.We have seeked help for many years and fallen fowl of people who say they are qualified, and then have no clue, but still take our money. Do your homework, it pays off. We found Jon.

 I went to Jon with a few things that I was struggling with. Loss of my Nanny and Grandad. The Trauma of my special needs sons first operation when he was 18 months old where we nearly lost him and the anger I felt towards my Dad who left my mum. My triggers were Christmas time when I would feel the pain of not having Nanny and Grandad. With my son it was when he was struggling or having a meltdown or when he had to go for another operation I would get flashbacks to that first operation and wonder if it was my fault. With my Dad it was anger that he left me but went on to have other children and admitting that as he was in Sweden and I was in the UK it was a case of out of sight/ out of mind. These triggers have plagued me for years so I was sceptical that this simple meeting with Jon would make it all go away. I was shocked at the result and how instantaneous it was, I walked in as someone with the weight of all this blame and guilt and pain and left the happiest I have been for years. I no longer cry when I think of Nanny and Grandad the pain has gone, I no longer see that image of them telling me Conor was in intensive care and I don’t, because I can’t. As for my dad well he just does not compute anymore!!! Thank you Jon this treatment it has dramatically changed my outlook on life I can’t thank you enough.

Jon, keep forgetting to message you. L took me straight out for a walk up the road when we got home and is now not bothered by traffic at all! She has noticed lots of times where she has not worried about things and situations that bothered her before. She had a real wobble in a very busy coffee shop but we calmed it down, talked it through and explained not to expect too much at once. Small steps first. Seems much happier and relaxed which is amazing as she has had tests and assessments all week! Thanks so much Jon, really really happy with progress so far.

Hello Jon

I hope you and your family are ok in this situation we all find ourselves in presently.

Seen as I have had some time on my hands I’ve been reflecting over this past year and I thought it would be nice to share with you the impact that our sessions has had on my life.

I believe it was July the 3rd 2019 when I came for my first session with you. At the time I was the most unhealthiest I could possibly be. All 25st of me was fed up with the daily grind of moving such mass, I was desperate to lose weight but also I was at a loss with how to stop my self destructive drinking habit of around 100 units a week.

Roll on to today- I have lost 6st, I have been alcohol free since July 3rd I still don’t use salt and my confidence and zest for life is as good as it once was when I was a child.

Keep well and I look forward to a session when all the world is back to normal again

Take care

Good morning Jon. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your effort whilst working with me. I know I was a challenge, but you stuck with me and kept me positive. Well your work paid off. I feel so much happier and it is as if a huge burden has been lifted. Even returning to work wasn’t the major disaster that I was worried about. Thank you so very much. K.

Good morning Jon. Today is 2 weeks since I saw you. The difference is unbelievable. I feel so much happier in myself and because of that the kids are happier. Everyday I notice small changes and I’m smiling so much more to myself. I can’t thank you enough. Have a lovely day, I’m sure I will. D

Hi Jon hope you are well! I saw the lovely post someone sent to you earlier so thought I would do the same ! Just to say I’ve had an amazing few weeks since we met up and I’m so much calmer and positive and loving life ! You helped me so much …. you’re amazing #dontkillmyvibe x 😀Hope your day has started well too.

Hi Jon. It’s been a while and I’m sorry, I should have written this ages ago. Those 3 sessions with you I can honestly say have changed my life. When I came to you I was at my lowest ebb and was desperate. You saw this, and I since found out you cancelled a prior engagement to allow me to come back that same evening. That was beyond nice of you. Can you believe that was 6 months ago, and the best bit is I feel as positive and as strong today as I did when I had my last session. No words can thank you enough for what you did for me. Your kindness and compassion is heartwarming. Thank you so so much.

Dear Jon. I cannot believe that I turned to a perfect stranger for help. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. You made me feel better about myself from our very first meeting. Thank you for all that you have done. You have quite literally turned mine and my families life around. I would not thought it was possible 2 months ago. Thank you so so much. Keep doing what you do, you’re a special man.
Love G

Jon I also wanted to say a huge thank-you. I never thought I’d be able to get back to my confident, care free self since my accident but after seeing you I really do feel like I’m getting back to that person, in time maybe even a better one! After our session yesterday I was brought to HAPPY tears. I’m looking forward to listening to the sound files, just knowing I have something now when I feel anxious puts my mind at rest. Thank you for giving me my smile back x

Hi Jon.
Just wanted to let you know that I got the job 😁. I could not have done it without your help. My confidence and self belief since coming to you is so so much better. For the first time in a long time I can actually see a future. Thank you so much. Have a lovely weekend.

I want to be really honest now. As I don’t want anyone to continue feeling the way I did. My anxiety had got totally out of control, and a friend recommended Jon. I was desperate but I really didn’t believe it would help. How wrong I was. From the very first consultation Jon put me at ease and made me understand my problems. I had just three sessions with Jon and I can honestly say he has turned my world around. Please please please if you are suffering like I was go and see Jon.

Two months ago I had two sessions with Jon for Anxiety and little self belief.  I’ve left it two months before I wrote a review as I really wanted to see if the change was lasting. Well I can honestly say, not only are they lasting they are getting better. Jon I can’t thank you enough for the changes that you have made in my life. You have really allowed me to let go of the past and move on, but the best bit is that I feel so much happier.
Thank you for your kindness and support.

50 out of 10
I cannot recommend Jon highly enough. This lovely man has given me my life back. His comforting words and friendly nature made me feel that I could unburden my issues to him without being judged. Just two sessions later I’m smiling again, I’m actually happy with myself. All down to Jon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Hello Jon
I’m just writhing to you to thank you once again for what you have done for me and my family. As you know when I came to you I was a bit of a mess. You said you could help, but I really was apprehensive. However after two sessions you really have helped me turn my life around. I no longer stress about things I can’t control. I’m not taking my frustrations out on my girls, so they are happier and I’m actually looking forward to the future. I honestly cannot believe how much better I feel, and it’s all thanks to you. I will be recommending you but not as a hypnotherapist, but as a miracle worker. Thank you thank you thank you.

My Daughter had her first hypnotherapy session with Jon today. It was lovely to see her feeling relaxed and reassured afterwards. She has been very anxious over the last few weeks and I was keen for her to try something that was personal to her. Jon was brilliant in making the sessions personal and relevant. Quite frankly as a bystander I found it fascinating too!
Clare G

After a free consultation with Jon I decided to go for a trance session. My confidence problems have cost me jobs in the past and as a new mum I wanted any help that I could get. I’ve had 2 sessions with Jon now and I can’t believe the change in me and I’m not the only one to notice.
The biggest thank you to Jon.
Julia P

I can’t thank Jon enough for how he has helped me recently with two pretty major issues. I was sceptical about hypnosis… but I woke up one day thinking something needs to change NOW, and this was one thing I hadn’t tried. I contacted Jon and explained I needed his help ASAP. Jon sensed my desperation and kindly booked me in for a session later on the same day. I was a little anxious, and unsure of what to expect. But immediately relaxed when Jon welcomed me.

My first issue was something which had been hanging over me for some time, I knew it needed to be dealt with, but after many failed attempts I had no idea where to start. Unbelievably after just one session with Jon, I knew it would never be a problem for me again. I walked away that day with an immense feeling of ‘new hope’. The next session just reinforced everything.

The hypnotherapy is done in a relaxed, comfortable and informal environment. I felt at ease and reassured about what was going to happen. From the first moment of just talking about how I was feeling, I knew this was going to be a positive thing for me.

I had hypnotherapy two weeks ago with Jon and today I faced my fear of heights. I went to Cambridge multi storey car park, we parked on the 10th floor and I have never been able to look over the edge or have any of my grandchildren go anywhere near the edge. Today I walked with my daughter and my grandchildren to the wall, looked over and felt no fear. We were all amazed. I know this has changed my life. I am so excited for the future. I cannot thank Jon enough for what he has done for myself and my family. I will be able to do things that I have never been able to do, onwards and upwards.
Bernae E

I would just like to say thank you very much for everything you have done for me. It’s definitely a surreal experience. I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks since age of 17 (now 31). I had a fear of flying even the thought of flying put a horrible feeling in my tummy. Also a few unfortunate horrible experiences in my life. It can be hard to take the first step to make improvements in your life. Sometimes a little scary. But i went to Jon as a friend and professional to help me go forward. The room itself is calming, comfortable atmosphere. Jon is very easy to talk to and happy to help. I would highly recommend to anyone. He has worked hard and is paying off. My experience was brilliant. I no longer have that horrible dread feeling that i had . Already i feel changes more positive. I have noticed just in the short time that i am not worrying as much. As i have suffered such a long time with feeling anxious it really makes a big difference to me. I have tried lots of different things to help but none of them have made me feel the way i have coming out of the two sessions i had. Thank you so much and if anyone has been thinking about having a session go for it you won’t regret it !


This was my first experience of hypnotherapy and I would 100% recommend Jon to others. After one session I started to notice the difference in how I felt and as my sessions the change was noticeable.
His friendly approach and relaxing practice environment ensured that my hypnotherapy experience was positive


Today I experienced hypnosis for the first time. I decided to trust the brilliant reviews I had read and visit Jon Adkin. To my surprise, I was extremely happy with my session, that I’ve booked again for another fear and problem of mine. He is brilliant, wonderful and willing to make any session bespoke for you!! Thanks Jon


I’ve had self esteem issues for as long as I can remember. As almost a last resort I tried hypnotherapy, I’m so glad I did. Jon made me feel so relaxed and even before the trance session, he had made me realise that I was not worthless, which is how I felt.
Karen S

Thank you
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What if I say something wrong or sound silly?

When you talk about how you are feeling, there is no wrong. It’s about how you feel and how you see your life being affected by those feelings. You will talk about what you are ready to talk about and as time goes on, you can open up to your feelings. Counselling is not a quick fix but it does give you the opportunity to explore where those feelings come from.

Do you take complete control of my mind?

No. This is a myth that is created by film makers and those who use it for entertainment. You remain in complete control and a Clinical Hypnotherapist will not ask you to do anything that you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable doing. Your subconscious mind will only accept suggestions that are right for you.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Not everyone is comfortable at letting go to that level of relaxation. There are very few people who can’t be hypnotized to any degree but if people feel that it won’t work for them, then it’s usually because they don’t like the idea of losing control. I will always talk through hypnosis with my clients and work around their feelings and concerns to give the optimum effect of using hypnosis.

What if I don’t like the effect of feeling that relaxed?

You always remain in complete control. If you want to, you can simply open your eyes. Most people enjoy the feeling of relaxation and therefore don’t need to. Often, knowing that you have that level of control is enough to allow you to relax?

How does hypnosis feel?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind; people are often surprised that they hear every word and could get up and walk out of the room at any moment. Unless you enter a deeper state, you may not seem any different, just very relaxed.

It’s similar to drifting off to sleep at night, that stage when you are not quite awake and not quite asleep, you may feel a sense of weightlessness or you may feel heaviness as all your muscles relax. Everyone experiences it differently, and your therapist will be able to reassure you and help you relax and enjoy the experience.

Most people are surprised at just how relaxing it is.

What can hypnosis be used to treat?

Hypnosis can be used to help treat a wide range of issues such as:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Physical conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, skin conditions and migraines
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Tinnitus
  • Fertility
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of confidence
    • It can also be used as a tool to:
  • Manage pain
  • Improve performance at work or in sport
  • Improve birth outcomes
Is there a risk that the therapist will plant false memories?

No. This is impossible with the particular techniques of Whole-Being Hypnotherapy. The therapist will never tell you what has happened in your life, nor will she use leading questions to steer your in certain directions. The therapist helps you open the door into your inner mind. Inside, you will find whatever your inner mind wants to give you. You do not need to tell therapist what memories come up for you. You are welcome to share what comes up, and that will be heard in complete confidence. But, if you prefer, you can keep the memories to yourself.

Will I have to divulge all my personal secrets?

No. If you want to volunteer information, then that’s fine – and it will be treated in absolute confidence. But Whole-Being Hypnotherapy does not require you to divulge anything that you want to keep to yourself. You are totally in control of the whole session, from beginning to end. This is built into the structure of the method. You are aware of what you are saying at the time, and you will remember what you have said afterwards. The therapist does not need to know your personal secrets and will not seek to get them out of you. Only you need to know them. Whole-Being Hypnotherapy is about empowering you to gain insights into your own inner mind, and giving you guidance to use those insights for your positive benefit.

Why does hypnotherapy work so well?

The subconscious mind is where we store everything that has ever happened in our lives. Therefore, it is much more efficient to do therapy while in the subconscious state, using hypnotherapy to access these moments in our lives that have impacted us. This results in greater awareness around one’s issues. With this awareness comes the ability to recognise the cause of behaviours that one desires to change.

Why would I choose Hypnotherapy over Counselling?

Hypnotherapy works by making changes within the subconscious mind. It can help to find and remove blocks, rewire old habits, change old negative ways of thinking for new positive ones and build confidence in your own ability to succeed. Counselling helps you to explore your thoughts and feelings and work through them to find your own solutions.

Can you guarantee to make me feel better?

There are no guarantees within therapy. I am there to help you through whatever the problem is and to find your own way forward. I use a variety of tools to help you focus on your own feelings and sometimes you may feel like it’s just too hard to go there, but within the safety of Counselling, we can work through together and when the time is right, move on through your problems and find your own solutions.

Do you give me the answers?

No, you will find your own answers or ways of dealing with your feelings as you go through. You need to find your own way forward in order to gain the benefit from therapy. Other people can’t tell you how to feel better within yourself.

And if I’m still not sure?

If you have any questions about either the type of therapy that you feel you need or about any other aspect of how I work, please contact me and we can have a chat and see how we can work together.

Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

If you are ready to push through those invisible barriers that have stopped you getting where you really deserve to be, Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool for helping your subconscious mind to catch up with your conscious thoughts and help you to achieve whatever you want to. It gives you the confidence to believe in yourself, no matter how many false starts you’ve had.

If you’re worried because you’ve seen programmes on TV where people are hypnotized and then told to do silly things to make people laugh, then please don’t worry.  Those sorts of programmes are done purely for entertainment and the participants know exactly what they’re letting themselves in for and are very willing to take part.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is very different in that it is done as a means of creating change and you’ll only accept the suggestions which are right for you.

Hypnotherapy is simply deep relaxation which allows the client to open access to their subconscious mind and change their inner belief, old habits, release fears, gain confidence and create a whole new way of thinking and feeling about themselves.  There are so many ways that it can help someone to change how they feel, think, act or are so if you’re not sure if it’s something that can help you, then give me a call and we can explore if it’s something that can help you.

Some areas that Hypnotherapy can help with, include:
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing your self-esteem
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Dealing with phobias
  • Taking control of your eating habits and weight-loss
  • Stopping smoking
  • coping with your driving test, exam and public speaking nerves

and much, much more

Jon Adkin BAHyp Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT Practitioner.

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Books available by Jon Can I Change? a book to help you handle your anxiety on a daily basis. 100 days in isolation a fun book for both adults and children showing the funnier side of lockdown.

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